This page lists and links to every article published in the 3rd ser. of the William and Mary Quarterly (1944-present)

When David Waldstreicher and I began doing the research for the article that would eventually become “Revolution in the Quarterly?: A Historiographical Analysis”, we soon discovered that there was no single ‘at a glance’ listing of the articles that have been published in the journal. To expedite our research, we asked a research assistant to put a spreadsheet together of the articles, and are now happy to share this work in the hope that it will help further historiographical research and teaching and access to the Quarterly essays. Note that the links are to the stable J-Stor citations for the articles. You will need access to an appropriate J-Stor subscription to access the full-text version of most of these articles.

For some reflections on the creation of this list, and ideas about how to use it in the classroom, see the blog entry at The Panorama: Expansive Views from the Journal of the Early Republic. The blogsite also contains other posts about the joint special issue on the American Revolution.

The list will be updated periodically to reflect new issues of the Quarterly. Please email us if you find any mistakes or broken links, or if you would like a copy of the original excel spreadsheet upon which this page is based. Many thanks to Gabrielle Kemmis for her work compiling the initial spreadsheet, and to Darren Smith for creating this webpage.

2018, Vol. 75, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
589-622Lauren DuvalMastering Charleston: Property and Patriarchy in British-Occupied Charleston, 1780–82
623-650Tom Cutterham"A Very Promising Appearance”: Credit, Honor, and Deception in the Emerging Market for American Debt, 1784–92
651-684Sean P. HarveyNative Views of Native Languages: Communication and Kinship in Eastern North America, ca. 1800–1830
Sources and Interpretations
685-714Adam LebovitzAn Unknown Manuscript on the Terror, Attributed to Thomas Paine
2018, Vol. 75, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
401-432James D. RiceEarly American Environmental Histories
433-464Matthew Mulcahy and Stuart Schwartz Nature's Battalions: Insects as Agricultural Pests in the Early Modern Caribbean
465-506Sarah L.H. Gronningsater"Expressly Recognized by Our Election Laws": Certificates of Freedom and the Multiple Fates of Black Citizenship in the Early Republic
Sources and Interpretations
507-540Joanne van der Woude and Jaap JacobsSweet Resoundings: Friendship Poetry by Petrus Stuyvesant and Johann Farret on Curaçao, 1639-1645
2018, Vol. 75, No. 2 — Forum: Materials and Methods in Native American and Indigenous Studies
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
207-236Alyssa Mt. Pleasant, Caroline Wigginton and Kelly WisecupMaterials and Methods in Native American and Indigenous Studies: Completing the Turn
237-258David A. Chang The Good Written Word of Life: The Native Hawaiian Appropriation of Textuality
259-294Lisa BrooksAwikhigawôgan ta Pildowi Ôjmowôgan: Mapping a New History
295-322Alejandra DubcovskyDefying Indian Slavery: Apalachee Voices and Spanish Sources in the Eighteenth-Century Southeast
323-342Christian Ayne CrouchSurveying the Present, Projecting the Future: Reevaluating Colonial French Plans of Kanesatake
2018, Vol. 75, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-36Catherine A. BrekusContested Words: History, America, Religion
37-70Katherine Carté Engel Connecting Protestants in Britain's Eighteenth-Century Atlantic Empire
71-108David Chan SmithThe Hudson's Bay Company, Social Legitimacy, and the Political Economy of Eighteenth-Century Empire
109-150Christine DeLuciaFugitive Collections in New England Indian Country: Indigenous Material Culture and Early American History Making at Ezra Stiles's Yale Museum
2017, Vol 74, No. 4 — Writing To and From the Revolution: A Joint Issue with the Journal of the Early Republic
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
619-632Alan TaylorIntroduction: Expand or Die: The Revolution's New Empire
633-666Michael A. McDonnell and David WaldstreicherRevolution in the Quarterly? A Historiographical Analysis
667-696Nathan Perl-RosenthalAtlantic Cultures and the Age of Revolution
697-728Sara T. DamianoWriting Women's History Through the Revolution: Family Finances, Letter Writing, and Conceptions of Marriage
729-752Eliga GouldIndependence and Interdependence: The American Revolution and the Problem of Postcolonial Nationhood, circa 1802
753-764Serena R. ZabinConclusion: Writing To and From the Revolution
2017, Vol 74, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
401-436Matthew KruerBloody Minds and Peoples Undone: Emotion, Family, and Political Order in the Susquehannock-Virginia War
437-466Timothy J. ShannonA “wicked commerce”: Consent, Coercion, and Kidnapping in Aberdeen's Servant Trade
467-502Katherine SmoakThe Weight of Necessity: Counterfeit Coins in the British Atlantic World, circa 1760–1800
503-532Jeffrey GloverWitnessing African War: Slavery, the Laws of War, and Anglo-American Abolitionism
2017, Vol 74, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
Forum: World and Ground
195-202Christopher Grasso and Peter C. MancallWorld and Ground
203-240Juliana BarrThere's No Such Thing as “Prehistory”: What the Longue Durée of Caddo and Pueblo History Tells Us about Colonial America
241-270Susan JusterPlanting the “great cross”: The Life, and Death, of Crosses in English America
271-302Gregory E. O'MalleySlavery's Converging Ground: Charleston's Slave Trade as the Black Heart of the Lowcountry
303-332Cathy MatsonPutting the Lydia to Sea: The Material Economy of Shipping in Colonial Philadelphia
2017, Vol 74, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-34Edward E. AndrewsTranquebar: Charting the Protestant International in the British Atlantic and Beyond
Forum: Quakers and the Lived Politics of Early America
35-42Geoffrey PlankQuakers as Political Players in Early America
43-76Adrian Chastain WeimerElizabeth Hooton and the Lived Politics of Toleration in Massachusetts Bay
77-108Benjamin L. Carp “Fix'd almost amongst Strangers”: Charleston's Quaker Merchants and the Limits of Cosmopolitanism
109-144Nicholas P. WoodA “class of Citizens”: The Earliest Black Petitioners to Congress and Their Quaker Allies
2016, Vol 73, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
609-646Christopher HeaneyA Peru of Their Own: English Grave-Opening and Indian Sovereignty in Early America
647-680Samuel FisherFit Instruments in a Howling Wilderness: Colonists, Indians, and the Origins of the American Revolution
681-710Mary Beth NortonThe Seventh Tea Ship
711-740Gabriel CervantesLearning from Stephen Burroughs: Republication and the Making of a Literary Book in the Early United States
2016, Vol 73, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
389-426Keith PluymersAtlantic Iron: Wood Scarcity and the Political Ecology of Early English Expansion
427-466Rebecca EarleThe Pleasures of Taxonomy: Casta Paintings, Classification, and Colonialism
467-500Michael D. BreidenbachConciliarism and the American Founding
501-530Kirsten FischerVitalism in America: Elihu Palmer's Radical Religion in the Early Republic
2016, Vol 73, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
187-224Susanah Shaw Romney“With & alongside his housewife”: Claiming Ground in New Netherland and the Early Modern Dutch Empire
225-256Justin RobertsSurrendering Surinam: The Barbadian Diaspora and the Expansion of the English Sugar Frontier, 1650–75
257-290Jonathan BarthReconstructing Mercantilism: Consensus and Conflict in British Imperial Economy in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
291-332Daniel RobinsonGiving Peace to Europe: European Geopolitics, Colonial Political Culture, and the Hanoverian Monarchy in British North America, ca. 1740–63
2016, Vol 73, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-36Sarah KnottNarrating the Age of Revolution
37-72Christopher M. ParsonsThe Natural History of Colonial Science: Joseph-François Lafitau's Discovery of Ginseng and Its Afterlives
73-106Miles P. GrierStaging the Cherokee Othello: An Imperial Economy of Indian Watching
107-140Emma HartFrom Field to Plate: The Colonial Livestock Trade and the Development of an American Economic Culture
2015, Vol 72, no. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
563-586Ted McCormickStatistics in the Hands of an Angry God? John Graunt's Observations in Cotton Mather's New England
563-586Jeffrey Ostler“To Extirpate the Indians”: An Indigenous Consciousness of Genocide in the Ohio Valley and Lower Great Lakes, 1750s–1810
Sources and Interpretations
623-658Thomas M. DoerflingerCapital Generation in the New Nation: How Stephen Girard Made His First $735,872
Critical Forum: Dunn, A Tale of Two Plantations: Slave Life and Labor in Jamaica and Virginia
659-664Review by: Simon P. NewmanThe Price of Slavery: Dividing Families and Divisions of Race
665-670Review by: Terri L. SnyderLife, By the Numbers 
671-675Review by: Daniel LivesayFamily Matters on a Jamaican Plantation
676-679Review by: Jennifer L. MorganGender and Slavery, Birth and Death on Atlantic Plantations
680-685Review by: Thavolia GlymphTelling Slavery: Archives of Life and Death, Surveillance and Control
686-692Review by: Richard S. Dunn; Richard S. DunnIn Response
2014, Vol 71, no. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
Sources and Interpretations
175-202Linford D. Fisher and Lucas Mason-BrownBy “Treachery and Seduction”: Indian Baptism and Conversion in the Roger Williams Code
203-228Jeremy D. PopkinThe French Revolution's Royal Governor: General Blanchelande and Saint Domingue, 1790–92
226-254Tim Cassedy“A Dictionary Which We Do Not Want”: Defining America against Noah Webster, 1783–1810
2013, Vol 70, no. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
637-670Kathleen S. MurphyCollecting Slave Traders: James Petiver, Natural History, and the British Slave Trade 
671-700Cameron B. StrangIndian Storytelling, Scientific Knowledge, and Power in the Florida Borderlands 
701-724Amy MorrisGeomythology on the Colonial Frontier: Edward Taylor, Cotton Mather, and the Claverack Giant
Sources and Interpretations
725-780Cary CarsonBanqueting Houses and the “Need of Society” among Slave-Owning Planters in the Chesapeake Colonies 
781-812Eric NelsonHebraism and the Republican Turn of 1776: A Contemporary Account of the Debate over Common Sense
Critical Forum Silva, Miraculous Plagues: An Epidemiology of Early New England Narrative
813-816Kathleen DoneganThe Bonds of Immunity 
817-820Pablo F. GómezThe Language of Epidemics: Narrative, Biology, and the Other from Smallpox to AIDS
821-823Justine S. MurisonAnachronism, Literary Historicism, and Miraculous Plagues
824-826Rebecca J. TannenbaumPutting Health and Medicine Back into History: Commentary on Cristobal Silva,Miraculous Plagues
827-831Matt Cohen“The Indians Told Them That Sickness Would Follow”: A Response to Miraculous Plagues
832-838Cristobal SilvaEpidemiology as Method: Literary Criticism in the Age of HIV/AIDS
839-840Kathleen DoneganResponse to Cristobal Silva
841-842Pablo F. GómezResponse to Cristobal Silva
843-844Justine S. MurisonResponse to Cristobal Silva
845-846Rebecca J. TannenbaumResponse to Cristobal Silva
847-848Matt CohenResponse to Cristobal Silva
2012, Vol 69, no. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
421-450Terri L. SnyderRefiguring Women in Early American History
Forum: Colonial Historians and American Indians
451-512James H. MerrellSecond Thoughts on Colonial Historians and American Indians
513-516Andrew CaytonNot the Fragments but the Whole
517-520Wendy A. WarrenMore than Words: Language, Colonization, and History
521-526Juliana BarrThe Red Continent and the Cant of the Coastline 
527-530Michael WitgenRethinking Colonial History as Continental History
531-534Mark PetersonIndians and the National Narrative: The Trouble with Words and with Us 
535-540James H. MerrellComing to Terms with Early America 
Forum: Jean-Jacques Dessalines and the Haitian Revolution
541-548Laurent DuboisDessalines Toro d’Haïti
549-582Philippe R. GirardJean-Jacques Dessalines and the Atlantic System: A Reappraisal 
583-614Julia GaffieldHaiti and Jamaica in the Remaking of the Early Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World 
Sources and Interpretations
615-638Deborah JensonJean-Jacques Dessalines and the African Character of the Haitian Revolution 
2012, Vol 69, no. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
205-234Nancy E. van DeusenSeeing Indios in Sixteenth-Century Castile
235-264Diana PatonWitchcraft, Poison, Law, and Atlantic Slavery
265-304Catherine CanganyFashioning Moccasins: Detroit, the Manufacturing Frontier, and the Empire of Consumption, 1701–1835
305-346Steven C. Bullock and Sheila McIntyreThe Handsome Tokens of a Funeral: Glove-Giving and the Large Funeral in Eighteenth-Century New England
Critical Forum - Maier, Ratification: The People Debate the Constitutiion, 1787-1788
361-364Todd EstesPerspectives, Points of Emphasis, and Lines of Analysis in the Narrative of the Ratification Debate 
365-368Saul CornellIdiocy, Illiteracy, and the Forgotten Voices of Popular Constitutionalism: Ratification and the Ideology of Originalism
369-373Seth CotlarThe View from Mount Vernon versus the People Out of Doors: Context and Conflict in the Ratification Debates
373-376Maeva MarcusThe Constitution’s Court 
377-381R. B. BernsteinRatification’s Pathfinder, with Some Hints for Future Explorations 
382-390Pauline MaierNarrative, Interpretation, and the Ratification of the Constitution
391-392R. B. BernsteinRecapitulating Three Themes 
393-394Saul CornellEvidence, Explanation, and the Ghost of Charles Beard
395-397Seth CotlarNarrative, Interpretation, and “the People’s” Debate over the Constitution
398-400Todd EstesPower and Point of View in the Ratification Contest
401Maeva MarcusA Note of Appreciation for Documentary Editing 
402-403Pauline MaierRatification: A Response to Responses 
2012, Vol 69, no. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
Forum: Rethinking Mercantilism
3-34Steve PincusRethinking Mercantilism: Political Economy, the British Empire, and the Atlantic World in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries 
35-40Cathy MatsonImperial Political Economy: An Ideological Debate and Shifting Practices
41-46Christian J. KootBalancing Center and Periphery
47-50Susan D. AmussenPolitical Economy and Imperial Practice
51-56Trevor BurnardMaking a Whig Empire Work: Transatlantic Politics and the Imperial Economy in Britain and British America
57-62Margaret Ellen NewellPutting the “Political” Back in Political Economy (This Is Not Your Parents’ Mercantilism)
63-70Steve PincusReconfiguring the British Empire
71-100Chris EvansThe Plantation Hoe: The Rise and Fall of an Atlantic Commodity, 1650–1850
101-146David E. NarrettGeopolitics and Intrigue: James Wilkinson, the Spanish Borderlands, and Mexican Independence
Research Note
147-180Farley GrubbState Redemption of the Continental Dollar, 1779–90
2011, Vol 68, no. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
513-532Karen HalttunenGrounded Histories: Land and Landscape in Early America 
Forum: Patriot Royalism
533-572Eric NelsonPatriot Royalism: The Stuart Monarchy in American Political Thought, 1769–75
573-577Gordon S. WoodThe Problem of Sovereignty 
578-582Pauline MaierWhigs against Whigs against Whigs: The Imperial Debates of 1765–76 Reconsidered 
583-587Daniel J. HulseboschThe Plural Prerogative
588-596Eric NelsonTaking Them Seriously: Patriots, Prerogative, and the English Seventeenth Century
Forum: Economics and American Independence
597-630Staughton Lynd and David WaldstreicherFree Trade, Sovereignty, and Slavery: Toward an Economic Interpretation of American Independence 
631-634Robert G. ParkinsonWar and the Imperative of Union
635-638Jack RakoveGot Nexus?
639-643Barbara Clark SmithBeyond the “Economic”
644-648Michael A. McDonnellMen Out of Time: Confronting History and Myth
649-656Staughton Lynd and David WaldstreicherReflections on Economic Interpretation, Slavery, the People Out of Doors, and Top Down versus Bottom Up
Research Note
657-670Rhys IsaacLighting the Fuse of Revolution in Virginia, May 1765: Rereading the “Journal of a French Traveller in the Colonies”
Critical Forum: Brown, Foul Bodies: Cleanliness in Early America
671-678Review by: Jan Ellen LewisCleanliness and Culture
679-685Review by: Ann M. LittleBodies, Geographies, and the Environment 
686-689Review by: Kathryn NorbergBodies in European and American Historiography
690-693Review by: Kathleen M. Brown and Kathleen M. BrownThe Historical Body, Our Humanity, and the Cost of Modernity 
694-696Review by: Jan Ellen LewisCleanliness and Culture: Further Thoughts
697-698Review by: Ann M. LittleWhere the Boys Were
699-700Review by: Kathryn NorbergCleanliness and Rights 
Critical Forum: Tomlins, Freedom Bound: Law, Labor, and Civic Identity in Colonizing English America, 1580–1865
701-706Review by: Julia AdamsClear, Hold, Build: Patriarchy and Sovereignty in the Colonization of Early English America
707-712Review by: Tamar Herzog and Richard J. RossLaw, Labor, and Civic Identities in the British and Spanish Empires
713-719Review by: Paul K. EissIndigenous Sovereignty under and after Spanish Rule
720-724Review by: Richard WhiteLegal Pluralism and Native Sovereignty
725-728Review by: Stuart BannerLegal History, Inside and Out 
729-738Review by: Christopher Tomlins and Christopher TomlinsFreedom Bound: A Response to Readers
2011, Vol 68, no. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
Forum: Transformations of Virginia: Tobacco, Slavery, and Empire
327-331James HornIntroduction
332-360John C. CoombsThe Phases of Conversion: A New Chronology for the Rise of Slavery in Early Virginia
361-386Douglas BradburnThe Visible Fist: The Chesapeake Tobacco Trade in War and the Purpose of Empire, 1690–1715
387-392Lorena S. WalshBoom-and-Bust Cycles in Chesapeake History
393-397Paul G. E. ClemensReimagining the Political Economy of Early Virginia 
398-404Peter A. CoclanisTobacco Road: New Views of the Early Chesapeake
405-408April Lee HatfieldSlavery, Trade, War, and the Purposes of Empire
409-413William A. PettigrewHistoricizing Supply and Demand in Early American Economic History: The Importance of Transatlantic Politics
414-419Alexander B. HaskellCounsel, Slavery, and the Politics of Empire: Rediscovering the Dynamism of Virginia’s Seventeenth-Century Council of State
420-426Douglas Bradburn and John C. CoombsProvincials Abroad; Or, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Atlantic Seminar: More Collaborative Reflections on Chesapeake History 
427-450William S. GoldmanSpain and the Founding of Jamestown 
451-480Randy M. BrowneThe “Bad Business” of Obeah: Power, Authority, and the Politics of Slave Culture in the British Caribbean
2011, Vol 68, no. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
Forum: Ethnogenesis
181-208James Sidbury and Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra Mapping Ethnogenesis in the Early Modern Atlantic 
209-214James H. SweetThe Quiet Violence of Ethnogenesis 
215-218Claudio SauntThe Indians’ Old World
219-223Pekka HämäläinenLost in Transitions: Suffering, Survival, and Belonging in the Early Modern Atlantic World
224-226Laurent DuboisComplications
227-232Christopher HodsonWeird Science: Identity in the Atlantic World
233-235Karen B. GraubartToward Connectedness and Place
236-239Patrick GriffinA Plea for a New Atlantic History 
240-246James Sidbury and Jorge Cañizares-EsguerraOn the Genesis of Destruction, and Other Missing Subjects
247-286François FurstenbergAtlantic Slavery, Atlantic Freedom: George Washington, Slavery, and Transatlantic Abolitionist Networks
Sources and Interpretations
287-304James O’Neil SpadyPower and Confession: On the Credibility of the Earliest Reports of the Denmark Vesey Slave Conspiracy
2011, Vol 68, no. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
5-46Juliana BarrGeographies of Power: Mapping Indian Borders in the “Borderlands” of the Early Southwest
47-74Rachel B. HerrmannThe “tragicall historie”: Cannibalism and Abundance in Colonial Jamestown
75-100Katherine A. GrandjeanNew World Tempests: Environment, Scarcity, and the Coming of the Pequot War 
101-126Catherine O’DonnellJohn Carroll and the Origins of an American Catholic Church, 1783–1815 
101-126Catherine O’DonnellJohn Carroll and the Origins of an American Catholic Church, 1783–1815 
Sources and Interpretations
127-154Thomas N. Baker“A Slave” Writes Thomas Jefferson
2010, Vol 67, no. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
603-644Christian J. KootThe Merchant, the Map, and Empire: Augustine Herrman’s Chesapeake and Interimperial Trade, 1644–73
645-676Sarah KnottThe Patient’s Case: Sentimental Empiricism and Knowledge in the Early American Republic
677-708Virginia BernhardReligion, Politics, and Witchcraft in Bermuda, 1651–55 Religion, Politics, and Witchcraft in Bermuda, 1651–55
709-746Gideon MailerAnglo-Scottish Union and John Witherspoon’s American Revolution Anglo-Scottish Union and John Witherspoon’s American Revolution
Sources and Interpretations
747-774John A. Ruddiman“A record in the hands of thousands”: Power and Negotiation in the Orderly Books of the Continental Army
2010, Vol 67, no. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
395-432Eric Hinderaker and Rebecca HornTerritorial Crossings: Histories and Historiographies of the Early Americas
433-458Michelle BurnhamSamuel Gorton's Leveller Aesthetics and the Economics of Colonial Dissent
Sources and Interpretations
459-486Dale MiquelonAmbiguous Concession: What Diplomatic Archives Reveal about Article 15 of the Treaty of Utrecht and France's North American Policy
487-518Charles A. WeeksOf Rattlesnakes, Wolves, and Tigers: A Harangue at the Chickasaw Bluffs, 1796
519-548Rachel Hope Cleves “Heedless Youth”: The Revolutionary War Poetry of Ruth Bryant (1760-83)
2010, Vol 67, no. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
173-208Pekka HämäläinenThe Politics of Grass: European Expansion, Ecological Change, and Indigenous Power in the Southwest Borderlands
209-248Susan Scott ParrishRichard Ligon and the Atlantic Science of Commonwealths
249-278Christopher HodsonExile on Spruce Street: An Acadian History 
279-318Travis Glasson“Baptism doth not bestow Freedom”: Missionary Anglicanism, Slavery, and the Yorke-Talbot Opinion, 1701-30
Sources and Interpretations
319-346James RoberstonA 1748 “Petition of Negro Slaves” and the Local Politics of Slavery in Jamaica
2010, Vol 67, no. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-30Caroline WintererModel Empire, Lost City: Ancient Carthage and the Science of Politics in Revolutionary America
31-68Simon MiddletonOrder and Authority in New Netherland: The 1653 Remonstrance and Early Settlement Politics
69-100Stephen Conway The British Army, “Military Europe,” and the American War of Independence 
Sources and Interpretations
101-122Erik R. SeemanReassessing the “Sankofa Symbol” in New York's African Burial Ground 
123-144Mark Evans Bryan“Slideing into Monarchical extravagance”: Cato at Valley Forge and the Testimony of William Bradford Jr.
2009, Vol. 66, No. 4 — Abolishing the Slave Trades: Ironies and Reverberations
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
669-676Christopher Grasso and Scott E. CasperEditors' Preface
677-704Joseph C. MillerIntroduction: Atlantic Ambiguities of British and American Abolition
706-714Adiele E. AfigboAfrica and the Abolition of the Slave Trade
Imperial Contexts
715-736David EltisWas Abolition of the U.S. and British Slave Trade Significant in the Broader Atlantic Context?
737-756Seymour DrescherHistory's Engines: British Mobilization in the Age of Revolution
757-780Claudius Fergus"Dread of Insurrection": Abolitionism, Security, and Labor in Britain's West Indian Colonies, 1760-1823
781-808Daniel P. HopkinsPeter Thonning, the Guinea Commission, and Denmark's Postabolition African Colonial Policy, 1803-50
809-832Matthew MasonKeeping up Appearances: The International Politics of Slave Trade Abolition in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World
833-850Steven DeyleAn "Abominable" New Trade: The Closing of the African Slave Trade and the Changing Patterns of U.S. Political Power, 1808-60
African Experiences
851-872Ty M. Reese"Eating" Luxury: Fante Middlemen, British Goods, and Changing Dependencies on the Gold Coast, 1750-1821 
873-894Richard B. AllenSuppressing a Nefarious Traffic: Britain and the Abolition of Slave Trading in India and the Western Indian Ocean, 1770-1830
895-914Martin A. KleinSlaves, Gum, and Peanuts: Adaptation to the End of the Slave Trade in Senegal, 1817-48 
915-938David M. GordonThe Abolition of the Slave Trade and the Transformation of the South-Central African Interior during the Nineteenth Century 
Living Legacies
939-958Apex A. Apeh and Chukwuma C. OpataSocial Exclusion: An Aftermath of the Abolition of Slave Trade in Northern Igboland, Nigeria
959-974Sandra E. GreeneModern "Trokosi" and the 1807 Abolition in Ghana: Connecting Past and Present
975-1000Ella KerenThe Transatlantic Slave Trade in Ghanaian Academic Historiography: History, Memory, and Power
2009, Vol 66, no. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
467-494Fred Anderson and Andrew CaytonThe Problem of Authority in the Writing of Early American History 
495-534David J. SilvermanThe Curse of God: An Idea and Its Origins among the Indians of New York's Revolutionary Frontier
535-564Nathan R. Perl-RosenthalThe "Divine Right of Republics": Hebraic Republicanism and the Debate over Kingless Government in Revolutionary America
Sources and Interpretations
565-604Peter ThompsonHenry Drax's Instructions on the Management of a Seventeenth-Century Barbadian Sugar Plantation
605-628S. D. SmithThe Account Book of Richard Poor, Quaker Merchant of Barbados
2009, Vol 66, no. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
Sources and Interpretations
235-286Alan Houston, E. Braddock, Rob't H. Morris, B. Franklin, John Smith, Isaac Norris, W. Franklin, John Hamilton and Robt. OrmeBenjamin Franklin and the "Wagon Affair" of 1755
287-324Jan StievermannA "Plain, Rejected Little Flock": The Politics of Martyrological Self-Fashioning among Pennsylvania's German Peace Churches, 1739-65
325-364Bryan WatermanElizabeth Whitman's Disappearance and Her "Disappointment"
365-408Miranda Frances SpielerThe Legal Structure of Colonial Rule during the French Revolution
2009, Vol 66, no. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-44Timothy J. ShannonKing of the Indians: The Hard Fate and Curious Career of Peter Williamson
45-86Kathleen WilsonThe Performance of Freedom: Maroons and the Colonial Order in Eighteenth-Century Jamaica and the Atlantic Sound
87-124Philippe R. GirardBlack Talleyrand: Toussaint Louverture's Diplomacy, 1798-1802
125-172Gregory E. O'MalleyBeyond the Middle Passage: Slave Migration from the Caribbean to North America, 1619-1807
Sources and Interpretations
173-194Thomas Leng"A Potent Plantation Well Armed and Policeed": Huguenots, the Hartlib Circle, and British Colonization in the 1640s
2008, Vol 65, no. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
633-668Sophia RosenfeldTom Paine's Common Sense and Ours
669-712Donna MerwickA Genre of Their Own: Kiliaen van Rensselaer as Guide to the Reading and Writing Practices of Early Modern Businessmen
713-744Michael MeranzeCulture and Governance: Reflections on the Cultural History of Eighteenth-Century British America
745-778Claudio SauntGo West: Mapping Early American Historiography
Sources and Interpretations
779-796Wesley J. CampbellThe French Intrigue of James Cole Mountflorence
2008, Vol 65, no. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
Forum: Salem Repossessed
391-400Jane KamenskySalem Obsessed; Or, "Plus Ça Change": An Introduction
401-422Margo Burns and Bernard RosenthalExamination of the Records of the Salem Witch Trials
423-448Richard LatnerSalem Witchcraft, Factionalism, and Social Change Reconsidered: Were Salem's Witch-Hunters Modernization's Failures?
449-478Benjamin C. RayThe Geography of Witchcraft Accusations in 1692 Salem Village
479-482John DemosWhat Goes around Comes around 
483-488Mary Beth NortonEssex County Witchcraft 
489-494Carol F. KarlsenSalem Revisited
495-502Sarah RivettOur Salem, Our Selves
503-534Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum"Salem Possessed" in Retrospect 
535-564Carolyn EastmanThe Indian Censures the White Man: "Indian Eloquence" and American Reading Audiences in the Early Republic
565-600Douglas BradburnA Clamor in the Public Mind: Opposition to the Alien and Sedition Acts
2008, Vol 65, no. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
205-232Maya JasanoffThe Other Side of Revolution: Loyalists in the British Empire 
233-266Brian Phillips Murphy"A Very Convenient Instrument": The Manhattan Company, Aaron Burr, and the Election of 1800
267-304Kathleen DuValIndian Intermarriage and Métissage in Colonial Louisiana
Sources and Interpretations
305-346Kenneth MorganRobert Dinwiddie's Reports on the British American Colonies
Review of Books: Critical Forum 'The Declaration of Independence: A Global History' by David Armitage
347-349Review by: Lynn HuntThe Meaning of Independence
350-351Review by: Robert A. Ferguson"A Global History" Brought down to Size
352-353Review by: Laurent DuboisDeclarations
354-356Review by: Daniel J. HulseboschThe Declaration's Domestic International Effects
357-362Review by: David Armitage and David ArmitageThe Declaration of Independence: Its Many Histories
363-364Review by: Daniel J. HulseboschRights, States, and Empires
365-366Review by: Robert A. FergusonStill Not Global 
367Review by: Laurent DuboisDeclarations and States
368-369Review by: Lynn Hunt To Be or Not to Be a State 
2008, Vol 65, no. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-28Andrew Lipman"A Meanes to Knitt Them Togeather": The Exchange of Body Parts in the Pequot War
29-64Nicole EustaceThe Sentimental Paradox: Humanity and Violence on the Pennsylvania Frontier
65-100Scott Paul GordonMartial Art: Benjamin West's "The Death of Socrates," Colonial Politics, and the Puzzles of Patronage
Sources and Interpretations
101-134J. Patrick CesariniJohn Eliot's "A Breif History of the Mashepog Indians," 1666
2007, Vol 64, no. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
679-716Stephanie E. SmallwoodAfrican Guardians, European Slave Ships, and the Changing Dynamics of Power in the Early Modern Atlantic 
717-756Luca CodignolaRoman Catholic Conservatism in a New North Atlantic World, 1760-1829
757-790William Huntting HowellA More Perfect Copy: David Rittenhouse and the Reproduction of Republican Virtue
791-820Andrew FitzmauriceThe Commercial Ideology of Colonization in Jacobean England: Robert Johnson, Giovanni Botero, and the Pursuit of Greatness 
Notes and Documents
821-838Woody HoltonAbigail Adams, Bond Speculator 
839-844Elaine Forman CraneAbigail Adams, Gender Politics, and "The History of Emily Montague": A Postscript
2007, Vol 64, no. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
451-522Willie Graham, Carter L. Hudgins, Carl R. Lounsbury, Fraser D. Neiman and James P. WhittenburgAdaptation and Innovation: Archaeological and Architectural Perspectives on the Seventeenth-Century Chesapeake
523-524 Editor's Note
525-548Peter ThompsonInventive Localism in the Seventeenth Century 
549-590Carole ShammasThe Housing Stock of the Early United States: Refinement Meets Migration 
591-620Anya ZilbersteinObjects of Distant Exchange: The Northwest Coast, Early America, and the Global Imagination  
Notes and Documents
621-644Rob HarperLooking the Other Way: The Gnadenhutten Massacre and the Contextual Interpretation of Violence
2007, Vol 64, no. 2 — Roundtable
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
235-250Jack P. GreeneColonial History and National History: Reflections on a Continuing Problem
251-254David ArmitageFrom Colonial History to Postcolonial History: A Turn Too Far?
255-258Eliga H. GouldThe Question of Home Rule
259-262Michael ZuckermanExceptionalism after All; Or, The Perils of Postcolonialism
263-270Kariann YokotaPostcolonialism and Material Culture in the Early United States 
271-274Adam RothmanBeware the Weak State
275-280Robin L. EinhornThe Nation Is Already There 
281-286Jack P. GreeneElaborations 
287-326Max M. Edling"So Immense a Power in the Affairs of War": Alexander Hamilton and the Restoration of Public Credit
Notes and Documents
327-376Catherine MolineuxPleasures of the Smoke: "Black Virginians" in Georgian London's Tobacco Shops 
377-394Molly McClain and Alessa EllefsonA Letter from Carolina, 1688: French Huguenots in the New World
395-418L. H. RoperThe 1701 "Act for the Better Ordering of Slaves": Reconsidering the History of Slavery in Proprietary South Carolina
2007, Vol 64, no. 1 — Free to Enslave: Politics and the Escalation of Britain's Translantic
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-38William A. Pettigrew Free to Enslave: Politics and the Escalation of Britain's Transatlantic Slave Trade, 1688-1714 
39-76Jon ParmenterAfter the Mourning Wars: The Iroquois as Allies in Colonial North American Campaigns, 1676-1760
  Historiographical Note
77-82 Forum: Black Founders
83-94Richard S. Newman and Roy E. FinkenbineBlack Founders in the New Republic: Introduction
95-104Roy E. FinkenbineBelinda's Petition: Reparations for Slavery in Revolutionary Massachusetts
105-116Peter P. HinksJohn Marrant and the Meaning of Early Black Freemasonry
117-128Richard S. Newman"We Participate in Common": Richard Allen's Eulogy of Washington and the Challenge of Interracial Appeals
129-138Julie WinchThe Making and Meaning of James Forten's Letters from a Man of Colour
139-148Stephen G. Hall"A Search for Truth": Jacob Oson and the Beginnings of African American Historiography
149-160Manisha SinhaTo "Cast Just Obliquy" on Oppressors: Black Radicalism in the Age of Revolution 
161-166Richard S. Newman, Roy E. Finkenbine and Douglass MooneyPhiladelphia Emigrationist Petition, Circa 1792: An Introduction
Notes and Documents
167-182Richard S. Newman, Roy E. Finkenbine and Douglass MooneyLetters by African American Sailors, 1799-1814 
2006, Vol 63, no. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
643-674Robin Blackburn Haiti, Slavery, and the Age of the Democratic Revolution
Forum: Beyond the Atlantic
675-692Alison GamesBeyond the Atlantic: English Globetrotters and Transoceanic Connections
693-712Philip J. SternBritish Asia and British Atlantic: Comparisons and Connections
713-724Paul W. Mapp Atlantic History from Imperial, Continental, and Pacific Perspectives
725-742Peter A. Coclanis Atlantic World or Atlantic/World?
743-776Julie SieversDrowned Pens and Shaking Hands: Sea Providence Narratives in Seventeenth-Century New England
Notes and Documents
777-826James H. Merrell "I Desire All That I Have Said ... May Be Taken down Aright": Revisiting Teedyuscung's 1756 Treaty Council Speeches
827-842Wil VerhoevenGilbert Imlay and the Triangular Trade
2006, Vol 63, no. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
427-462Michael P. WinshipGodly Republicanism and the Origins of the Massachusetts Polity 
463-488Paul Cheney A False Dawn for Enlightenment Cosmopolitanism? Franco-American Trade during the American War of Independence
489-516Allan Potofsky The Political Economy of the French-American Debt Debate: The Ideological Uses of Atlantic Commerce, 1787 to 1800 
517-550Sophie White"A Baser Commerce": Retailing, Class, and Gender in French Colonial New Orleans
Notes and Documents
551-586Justin Roberts Working between the Lines: Labor and Agriculture on Two Barbadian Sugar Plantations, 1796-97
2006, Vol 63, no. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
211-220Simon Middleton and Billy G. SmithClass and Early America: An Introduction 
221-252David Rollison The Specter of the Commonalty: Class Struggle and the Commonweal in England before the Atlantic World
253-280Peter Thompson The Thief, the Householder, and the Commons: Languages of Class in Seventeenth-Century Virginia
281-304Robert C. H. Sweeny What Difference Does a Mode Make? A Comparison of Two Seventeenth-Century Colonies: Canada and Newfoundland
305-344Michael A. McDonnell Class War? Class Struggles during the American Revolution in Virginia 
345-372C. Dallett HemphillManners and Class in the Revolutionary Era: A Transatlantic Comparison  
2006, Vol 63, no. 1 — Forum: The Middle Ground Revisited
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-8Susan Sleeper-SmithIntroduction
9-14Richard White Creative Misunderstandings and New Understandings 
15-22Philip J. Deloria  What Is the Middle Ground, Anyway?
23-53Heidi Bohaker"Nindoodemag": The Significance of Algonquian Kinship Networks in the Eastern Great Lakes Region, 1600-1701 
53-80Brett Rushforth Slavery, the Fox Wars, and the Limits of Alliance 
81-96Catherine DesbaratsFollowing "The Middle Ground" 
Notes and Documents
97-122Robert G. Parkinson From Indian Killer to Worthy Citizen: The Revolutionary Transformation of Michael Cresap
123-148Alexander X. Byrd Eboe, Country, Nation, and Gustavus Vassa's "Interesting Narrative"
149-170Thomas S. Kidd The Healing of Mercy Wheeler: Illness and Miracles among Early American Evangelicals
2005, Vol 62, no. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
577-624Paul G. E. Clemens The Consumer Culture of the Middle Atlantic, 1760-1820
625-662Kate Haulman Fashion and the Culture Wars of Revolutionary Philadelphia 
663-696Andrew J. Lewis A Democracy of Facts, an Empire of Reason: Swallow Submersion and Natural History in the Early American Republic
697-718Thomas Hallock Male Pleasure and the Genders of Eighteenth-Century Botanic Exchange: A Garden Tour
719-744Michael Ziser Sovereign Remedies: Natural Authority and the "Counterblaste to Tobacco"
2005, Vol 62, no. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
357-364Cathy Matson  The Atlantic Economy in an Era of Revolutions: An Introduction
365-410Sherry Johnson El Niño, Environmental Crisis, and the Emergence of Alternative Markets in the Hispanic Caribbean, 1760s-70s 
411-440Evelyn Powell Jennings War as the "Forcing House of Change": State Slavery in Late-Eighteenth-Century Cuba 
441-472Michelle Craig McDonald The Chance of the Moment: Coffee and the New West Indies Commodities Trade 
473-504James Alexander Dun "What Avenues of Commerce, Will You, Americans, Not Explore!": Commercial Philadelphia's Vantage onto the Early Haitian Revolution
505-526Brooke Hunter Wheat, War, and the American Economy during the Age of Revolution
2005, Vol 62, no. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
141-174David J. SilvermanIndians, Missionaries, and Religious Translation: Creating Wampanoag Christianity in Seventeenth-Century Martha's Vineyard
175-212Woody Holton"Divide et Impera": "Federalist 10" in a Wider Sphere
Notes and Documents
213-242Susan Kern The Material World of the Jeffersons at Shadwell
243-264Cassandra PybusJefferson's Faulty Math: The Question of Slave Defections in the American Revolution
265-294Philip Hicks Portia and Marcia: Female Political Identity and the Historical Imagination, 1770-1800 
2005, Vol 62, no. 1 — Forum: Alternative Histories of the Public Sphere
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-8Christopher LoobyIntroduction
9-30Bryan WatermanThe Bavarian Illuminati, the Early American Novel, and Histories of the Public Sphere
31-66Eric SlauterBeing Alone in the Age of the Social Contract
67-92Joanna BrooksThe Early American Public Sphere and the Emergence of a Black Print Counterpublic
93-98John L. BrookeOn the Edges of the Public Sphere 
99-106Ruth H. BlochInside and outside the Public Sphere
107-112David WaldstreicherTwo Cheers for the "Public Sphere"... and One for Historians' Skepticism 
2004, Vol 61, no. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
609-642Philippe RosenbergThomas Tryon and the Seventeenth-Century Dimensions of Antislavery
643-684James DelbourgoCommon Sense, Useful Knowledge, and Matters of Fact in the Late Enlightenment: The Transatlantic Career of Perkins's Tractors
685-712Daniel VickersThose Dammed Shad: Would the River Fisheries of New England Have Survived in the Absence of Industrialization?
713-744Max M. Edling and Mark D. KaplanoffAlexander Hamilton's Fiscal Reform: Transforming the Structure of Taxation in the Early Republic
2004, Vol 61, no. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
393-434Juliana BarrA Diplomacy of Gender: Rituals of First Contact in the "Land of the Tejas"
Forum: Purity of Blood and the Social Order
435-438Thomas C. HoltOf Blood and Power: An Introduction
439-478Guillaume Aubert"The Blood of France": Race and Purity of Blood in the French Atlantic World 
479-520María Elena MartínezThe Black Blood of New Spain: Limpieza de Sangre, Racial Violence, and Gendered Power in Early Colonial Mexico  
Notes and Documents
521-538Daniel R. Mandell"The Indian's Pedigree" (1794): Indians, Folklore, and Race in Southern New England
2004, Vol 61, no. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
201-234Christopher Iannini"The Itinerant Man": Crèvecoeur's Caribbean, Raynal's Revolution, and the Fate of Atlantic Cosmopolitanism
235-270Michael A. McDonnellA World Turned "Topsy Turvy": Robert Munford, "The Patriots", and the Crisis of the Revolution in Virginia
271-316Woody Holton"From the Labours of Others": The War Bonds Controversy and the Origins of the Constitution in New England 
Notes and Documents
317-348Matthew H. Edney and Susan CimburekTelling the Traumatic Truth: William Hubbard's "Narrative" of King Philip's War and His "Map of New-England" 
2004, Vol 61, no. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-46Douglas L. WiniarskiSouls Filled with Ravishing Transport: Heavenly Visions and the Radical Awakening in New England
47-76Margot MinardiThe Boston Inoculation Controversy of 1721-1722: An Incident in the History of Race
77-106Emerson W. Baker and John G. ReidAmerindian Power in the Early Modern Northeast: A Reappraisal
Notes and Documents
107-128Peter ThompsonWilliam Bullock's "Strange Adventure": A Plan to Transform Seventeenth-Century Virginia
2003, Vol 60, no. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
703-742David S. JonesVirgin Soils Revisited 
743-776Marla R. MillerGender, Artisanry, and Craft Tradition in Early New England: The View through the Eye of a Needle 
777-808Brett Rushforth"A Little Flesh We Offer You": The Origins of Indian Slavery in New France 
809-842Malick W. GhachemThe Slave's Two Bodies: The Life of an American Legal Fiction 
Notes and Documents
843-860Nicholas Canny and Karen Ordahl KuppermanThe Scholarship and Legacy of David Beers Quinn, 1909-2002
2003, Vol 60, no. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
471-510Eliga H. GouldZones of Law, Zones of Violence: The Legal Geography of the British Atlantic, circa 1772
511-548David J. Silverman"We Chuse to Be Bounded": Native American Animal Husbandry in Colonial New England
549-582Sarah M. S. Pearsall"The Late Flagrant Instance of Depravity in My Family": The Story of an Anglo-Jamaican Cuckold
583-614Ari Helo and Peter Onuf"Jefferson, Morality, and the Problem of Slavery
Notes and Documents
615-642Robert H. ChurchillGun Ownership in Early America: A Survey of Manuscript Militia Returns
2003, Vol 60, no. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
273-294John ThorntonCannibals, Witches, and Slave Traders in the Atlantic World
295-332Aaron Spencer FoglemanJesus Is Female: The Moravian Challenge in the German Communities of British North America 
Notes and Documents
333-354Elizabeth B. Crist"Ye Sons of Harmony": Politics, Masculinity, and the Music of William Billings in Revolutionary Boston
355-381Deborah A. RosenWomen and Property across Colonial America: A Comparison of Legal Systems in New Mexico and New York
381-421Carla Gardina PestanaA West Indian Colonial Governor's Advice: Henry Ashton's 1646 Letter to the Earl of Carlisle
2003, Vol 60, no. 1 — Sexuality in Early America
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-4Christopher GrassoEditor's Introduction
5-12Sharon Block and Kathleen M. BrownClio in Search of Eros: Redefining Sexualities in Early America 
13-42Ruth H. BlochChanging Conceptions of Sexuality and Romance in Eighteenth-Century America
43-74Mary E. FissellHairy Women and Naked Truths: Gender and the Politics of Knowledge in "Aristotle's Masterpiece"
75-98Jennifer M. SpearColonial Intimacies: Legislating Sex in French Louisiana 
99-118Marion RustWhat's Wrong with "Charlotte Temple?"
119-154Clare A. LyonsMapping an Atlantic Sexual Culture: Homoeroticism in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia
Notes and Documents
155-170Brian D. Carroll"I Indulged My Desire Too Freely": Sexuality, Spirituality, and the Sin of Self-Pollution in the Diary of Joseph Moody, 1720-1724
171-184Thomas A. FosterAntimasonic Satire, Sodomy, and Eighteenth-Century Masculinity in the "Boston Evening-Post"
Forum: Reconsidering Early American Sexuality
171-184Bruce Burgett In the Name of Sex
189-192Stephen ShapiroSexuality: An Early American Mystery
193-196Michael L. Wilson Thoughts on the History of Sexuality
197-198Kirsten Fischer and Jennifer Morgan Sex, Race, and the Colonial Project
199-202Anne G. Myles Queering the Study of Early American Sexuality
203-206Susan Juster Eros and Desire in Early Modern Spirituality
2002, Vol 59, no. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
821-864Susan RatherBenjamin West's Professional Endgame and the Historical Conundrum of William Williams
Forum: The Madisonian Moment
865-868Jack N. RakoveJames Madison in Intellectual Context
869-896Mark G. SpencerHume and Madison on Faction
897-924Samuel FleischackerAdam Smith's Reception among the American Founders, 1776-1790
925-956Colleen A. Sheehan Madison and the French Enlightenment: The Authority of Public Opinion
Notes and Documents
957-974Donald W. Olson, William D. Liddle, Russell L. Doescher, Leah M. Behrends, Tammy D. Silakowski and François-Jacques Saucier Perfect Tide, Ideal Moon: An Unappreciated Aspect of Wolfe's Generalship at Québec, 1759
2002, Vol 59, No. 3 — Slaveries in the Atlantic World
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
551-554Peter KolchinIntroduction: Variations of Slavery in the Atlantic World
555-584Randy J. SparksTwo Princes of Calabar: An Atlantic Odyssey from Slavery to Freedom
585-622Michael J. JarvisMaritime Masters and Seafaring Slaves in Bermuda, 1680-1783
623-664Robert E. Desrochers, Jr.Slave-for-Sale Advertisements and Slavery in Massachusetts, 1704-1781
665-696Matthew MasonThe Battle of the Slaveholding Liberators: Great Britain, the United States, and Slavery in the Early Nineteenth Century
2002, Vol 59, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
341-376Alden T. Vaughan Sir Walter Ralegh's Indian Interpreters, 1584-1618
377-408Virginia DeJohn Anderson Animals into the Wilderness: The Development of Livestock Husbandry in the Seventeenth-Century Chesapeake
409-448Emily Clark and Virginia Meacham GouldThe Feminine Face of Afro-Catholicism in New Orleans, 1727-1852
449-480J. C. A. StaggThe Madison Administration and Mexico: Reinterpreting the Gutiérrez-Magee Raid of 1812-1813
2002, Vol 59, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-38Thomas M. DoerflingerRural Capitalism in Iron Country: Staffing a Forest Factory, 1808-1815
39-64David ArmitageThe Declaration of Independence and International Law
65-100Stephen ConwayFrom Fellow-Nationals to Foreigners: British Perceptions of the Americans, circa 1739-1783
Notes and Documents
101-122Troy O. BickhamSympathizing with Sedition? George Washington, the British Press, and British Attitudes during the American War of Independence
123-134R. C. SimmonsColonial Patronage: Two Letters from William Franklin to the Earl of Bute, 1762
Forum: The Making of a Slave Conspiracy, Part 2
135-136Robert A. Gross[Introduction]
137-142Edward A. PearsonTrials and Errors: Denmark Vesey and His Historians
143-152Douglas R. EgertonForgetting Denmark Vesey; Or, Oliver Stone Meets Richard Wade
153-158David Robertson Inconsistent Contextualism: The Hermeneutics of Michael Johnson
159-166Philip D. MorganConspiracy Scares
167-174Thomas J. DavisConspiracy and Credibility: Look Who's Talking, about What: Law Talk and Loose Talk
175-178Winthrop D. JordanThe Charleston Hurricane of 1822; Or, the Law's Rampage
179-184James Sidbury Plausible Stories and Varnished Truths
185-192Robert L. Paquette Jacobins of the Lowcountry: The Vesey Plot on Trial
193-202Michael P. Johnson Reading Evidence
Forum: Historians and Guns
203-204Robert A. Gross[Introduction]
205-210Jack N. RakoveWords, Deeds, and Guns: "Arming America" and the Second Amendment
211-216Gloria L. MainMany Things Forgotten: The Use of Probate Records in "Arming America"
217-222Ira D. GruberOf Arms and Men: "Arming America" and Military History
223-240Randolph RothGuns, Gun Culture, and Homicide: The Relationship between Firearms, the Uses of Firearms, and Interpersonal Violence
241-268Michael A. BellesilesExploring America's Gun Culture
2001, Vol 58, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
781-818Benjamin L. CarpFire of Liberty: Firefighters, Urban Voluntary Culture, and the Revolutionary Movement
819-848Peter J. Kastor"Motives of Peculiar Urgency": Local Diplomacy in Louisiana, 1803-1821
Forum: Jews and Pietists in Early America
849-854Richard J. Ross Introduction: Intersecting Diasporas
855-882Holly SnyderA Tree with Two Different Fruits: The Jewish Encounter with German Pietists in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World
883-912A. G. RoeberWhat the Law Requires Is Written on Their Hearts: Noachic and Natural Law among German-Speakers in Early Modern North America
Forum: The Making of a Slave Conspiracy, Part I
913-914Robert A. Gross[Introduction]
915-976Michael P. JohnsonDenmark Vesey and His Co-Conspirators
2001, Vol 58, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
587-614Patrick GriffinThe People with No Name: Ulster's Migrants and Identity Formation in Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania
615-636Albrecht KoschnikThe Democratic Societies of Philadelphia and the Limits of the American Public Sphere, circa 1793-1795
637-660Susan E. Klepp and Roderick A. McDonald Inscribing Experience: An American Working Woman and an English Gentlewoman Encounter Jamaica's Slave Society, 1801-1805
Notes and Documents
661-672Susan E. Klepp and Roderick A. McDonaldEliza Chadwick Roberts: A Voyage to Jamaica, 1805
2001, Vol 58, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
307-346Mark A. PetersonPuritanism and Refinement in Early New England: Reflections on Communion Silver
347-372Simon Middleton "How It Came that the Bakers Bake No Bread": A Struggle for Trade Privileges in Seventeenth-Century New Amsterdam
373-402Sara Stidstone GronimGeography and Persuasion: Maps in British Colonial New York
Notes and Documents
403-430Julie M. FlavellGovernment Interception of Letters from America and the Quest for Colonial Opinion in 1775
431-448Jenny Hale Pulsipher "Our Sages are Sageles": A Letter on Massachusetts Indian Policy after King Philip's War
2001, Vol 58, No. 1 — New Perspectives on the Transatlantic Slave Trade
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-5Henry Louis Gates, Jr.Preface
6David Eltis and Philip D. MorganAcknowledgments
7-8David Brion Davis and Robert P. Forbes Foreword
9-16Barbara L. SolowThe Transatlantic Slave Trade: A New Census
17-46David Eltis The Volume and Structure of the Transatlantic Slave Trade: A Reassessment
47-68G. Ugo Nwokeji African Conceptions of Gender and the Slave Traffic
69-92David Richardson Shipboard Revolts, African Authority, and the Atlantic Slave Trade
93-118Herbert S. Klein, Stanley L. Engerman, Robin Haines and Ralph ShlomowitzTransoceanic Mortality: The Slave Trade in Comparative Perspective
119-138David GeggusThe French Slave Trade: An Overview
139-170Lorena S. Walsh The Chesapeake Slave Trade: Regional Patterns, African Origins, and Some Implications
171-204Stephen D. BehrendtMarkets, Transaction Cycles, and Profits: Merchant Decision Making in the British Slave Trade
205-228Trevor Burnard and Kenneth MorganThe Dynamics of the Slave Market and Slave Purchasing Patterns in Jamaica, 1655-1788
229-244Ralph A. AustenThe Slave Trade as History and Memory: Confrontations of Slaving Voyage Documents and Communal Traditions
245-252Bernard BailynConsidering the Slave Trade: History and Memory
2000, Vol 57, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
733-760Claudio SauntTaking Account of Property: Stratification among the Creek Indians in the Early Nineteenth Century
761-792Peter WayRebellion of the Regulars: Working Soldiers and the Mutiny of 1763-1764
Notes and Documents
793-808/td>Jack P. Greene"A Plain and Natural Right to Life and Liberty": An Early Natural Rights Attack on the Excesses of the Slave System in Colonial British America
2000, Vol 57, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
465-504Robert A. FergusonThe Commonalities of Common Sense
505-542Carole ShammasThe Space Problem in Early United States Cities
543-568Peter KaferCharles Brockden Brown and the Pleasures of "Unsanctified Imagination," 1787-1793
569-598Steven Sarson Landlessness and Tenancy in Early National Prince George's County, Maryland
Forum: Early American Literature: Looking Ahead
599-620Philip F. GuraEarly American Literature at the New Century
621-634Carla MulfordThe Ineluctability of the Peoples' Stories
635-640David S. Shields Joy and Dread among the Early Americanists
641-646)Michael P. ClarkThe Persistence of Literature in Early American Studies
2000, Vol 57, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
249-288Susan JusterMystical Pregnancy and Holy Bleeding: Visionary Experience in Early Modern Britain and America
289-322Ava ChamberlainThe Immaculate Ovum: Jonathan Edwards and the Construction of the Female Body
323-348Allan GreerColonial Saints: Gender, Race, and Hagiography in New France
349-392Michael G. Ditmore A Prophetess in Her Own Country: An Exegesis of Anne Hutchinson's "Immediate Revelation"
393-416Janet Moore LindmanActing the Manly Christian: White Evangelical Masculinity in Revolutionary Virginia
2000, Vol 57, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-34David Hancock"A World of Business to Do": William Freeman and the Foundations of England's Commercial Empire, 1645-1707
35-78Kay Dian KrizCuriosities, Commodities, and Transplanted Bodies in Hans Sloane's "Natural History of Jamaica"
79-120J. C. A. StaggSoldiers in Peace and War: Comparative Perspectives on the Recruitment of the United States Army, 1802-1815
Forum: Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings Redux
121-124Jan Lewis Introduction
125-138Joseph J. Ellis Jefferson: Post-DNA
139-152Lucia Stanton The Other End of the Telescope: Jefferson through the Eyes of His Slaves
153-170Peter S. OnufEvery Generation Is an "Independant Nation": Colonization, Miscegenation, and the Fate of Jefferson's Children
171-182Annette Gordon-ReedEngaging Jefferson: Blacks and the Founding Father
183-197Andrew Burstein Jefferson's Rationalizations
198-210Fraser D. NeimanCoincidence or Causal Connection? The Relationship between Thomas Jefferson's Visits to Monticello and Sally Hemings's Conceptions
1999, Vol 56, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
677-700John Bezís-SelfaA Tale of Two Ironworks: Slavery, Free Labor, Work, and Resistance in the Early Republic
701-722Douglas AndersonPlotting William Byrd
723-744Thomas A. FosterDeficient Husbands: Manhood, Sexual Incapacity, and Male Marital Sexuality in Seventeenth-Century New England
Notes and Documents
745-774Elaine Forman CranePolitical Dialogue and the Spring of Abigail's Discontent
775-790James H. Hutson and Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson's Letter to the Danbury Baptists: A Controversy Rejoined
791-794Robert M. O'Neil and Thomas JeffersonThe "Wall of Separation" and Thomas Jefferson's Views on Religious Liberty
795-800Thomas E. Buckley, S.J.Reflections on a Wall
801-804Edwin S. GaustadThomas Jefferson, Danbury Baptists, and "Eternal Hostility"
805-816Daniel L. DreisbachThomas Jefferson and the Danbury Baptists Revisited
817-822Isaac Kramnick and R. Laurence MooreThe Baptists, the Bureau, and the Case of the Missing Lines The Baptists, the Bureau, and the Case of the Missing Lines
823-824James H. Hutson James H. Hutson Responds
1999, Vol 56, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
481-526Daniel A. CohenSocial Injustice, Sexual Violence, Spiritual Transcendence: Constructions of Interracial Rape in Early American Crime Literature, 1767-1817
527-564C. M. HarrisWashington's Gamble, L'Enfant's Dream: Politics, Design, and the Founding of the National Capital
565-590Robert E. Cray, Jr.Commemorating the Prison Ship Dead: Revolutionary Memory and the Politics of Sepulture in the Early Republic, 1776-1808
591-612Daniel Scott SmithPopulation and Political Ethics: Thomas Jefferson's Demography of Generations Population and Political Ethics: Thomas Jefferson's Demography of Generations
1999, Vol 56, No. 2 — African and American Atlantic Worlds
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
243-272David WaldstreicherReading the Runaways: Self-Fashioning, Print Culture, and Confidence in Slavery in the Eighteenth-Century Mid-Atlantic
273-306Christopher L. BrownEmpire without Slaves: British Concepts of Emancipation in the Age of the American Revolution
307-334Robin Law and Kristin MannWest Africa in the Atlantic Community: The Case of the Slave Coast
335-362Pier M. LarsonReconsidering Trauma, Identity, and the African Diaspora: Enslavement and Historical Memory in Nineteenth-Century Highland Madagascar
363-392Laurent Dubois"The Price of Liberty": Victor Hugues and the Administration of Freedom in Guadeloupe, 1794-1798
Notes and Documents
393-414Erik R. Seeman"Justise Must Take Plase": Three African Americans Speak of Religion in Eighteenth-Century New England
1999, Vol 56, No. 1 — The Economy of British North America
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-8John J. McCuskerMeasuring Colonial Gross Domestic Product: An Introduction
9-22Lance Davis and Stanley EngermanThe Economy of British North America: Miles Traveled, Miles Still to Go
23-30Robert E. GallmanCan We Build National Accounts for the Colonial Period of American History?
31-52Richard H. SteckelNutritional Status in the Colonial American Economy
53-94Lorena S. Walsh Summing the Parts: Implications for Estimating Chesapeake Output and Income Subregionally
95-120Lois Green Carr and Russell R. Menard Wealth and Welfare in Early Maryland: Evidence from St. Mary's County
121-150Gloria L. Main and Jackson T. Main The Red Queen in New England?
151-181Frank D. Lewis and M. C. Urquhart Growth and the Standard of Living in a Pioneer Economy: Upper Canada, 1826 to 1851
1998, Vol 55, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
497-530Douglas L. Winiarski"Pale Blewish Lights" and a Dead Man's Groan: Tales of the Supernatural from Eighteenth-Century Plymouth, Massachusetts
531-556Phillip HamiltonRevolutionary Principles and Family Loyalties: Slavery's Transformation in the St. George Tucker Household of Early National Virginia
557-584Mark M. SmithCulture, Commerce, and Calendar Reform in Colonial America
585-610Laurier TurgeonFrench Fishers, Fur Traders, and Amerindians during the Sixteenth Century: History and Archaeology
1998, Vol 55, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
351-374Richard Lyman Bushman Markets and Composite Farms in Early America
375-398Gary L. McDowellThe Language of Law and the Foundations of American Constitutionalism
399-420Peter A. DorseyGoing to School with Savages: Authorship and Authority among the Jesuits of New France
Notes and Documents
421-434John ThorntonThe African Experience of the "20. and Odd Negroes" Arriving in Virginia in 1619
1998, Vol 55, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
203-230Rosemarie Zagarri The Rights of Man and Woman in Post-Revolutionary America
231-258Steven C. BullockA Mumper among the Gentle: Tom Bell, Colonial Confidence Man
259-280C. Bradley ThompsonYoung John Adams and the New Philosophic Rationalism
281-296Jeffrey H. RichardsRevolution, Domestic Life, and the End of "Common Mercy" in Crévecoeur's "Landscapes"
1998, Vol 55, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-38Laurel Thatcher Ulrich Wheels, Looms, and the Gender Division of Labor in Eighteenth-Century New England
39-58Don Higginbotham The Federalized Militia Debate: A Neglected Aspect of Second Amendment Scholarship
59-82Simon P. NewmanReading the Bodies of Early American Seafarers
83-104John Ferling and Lewis E. Braverman John Adams's Health Reconsidered
Notes and Documents
105-134Mary Beth Norton"The Ablest Midwife That Wee Knowe in the Land": Mistress Alice Tilly and the Women of Boston and Dorchester, 1649-1650
1997, Vol 54, No. 4 — Religion in Early America
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
693-694Jon ButlerReligion in Early America
695-722Charles L. CohenThe Post-Puritan Paradigm of Early American Religious History
723-746Jane T. Merritt Dreaming of the Savior's Blood: Moravians and the Indian Great Awakening in Pennsylvania
747-768Mark ValeriReligious Discipline and the Market: Puritans and the Issue of Usury
769-794Emily Clark "By All the Conduct of Their Lives": A Laywomen's Confraternity in New Orleans, 1730-1744
795-822Michael P. Winship Contesting Control of Orthodoxy among the Godly: William Pynchon Reexamined
Notes and Document
823-834Kenneth P. Minkema Jonathan Edwards on Slavery and the Slave Trade
835-848A. Owen AldridgeNatural Religion and Deism in America before Ethan Allen and Thomas Paine
1997, Vol 54, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
475-514Susan Scott ParrishThe Female Opossum and the Nature of the New World
515-548David DemerittRepresenting the "True" St. Croix: Knowledge and Power in the Partition of the Northeast
549-578Benjamin SchmidtMapping an Empire: Cartographic and Colonial Rivalry in Seventeenth-Century Dutch and English North America
Notes and Documents
579-600Gary B. NashEarly American History and the National History Standards
601-612Carl LaneFor "A Positive Profit": The Federal Investment in the First Bank of the United States, 1792-1802
1997, Vol 54, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
283-306 Forum: Editing Early America: Michael McGiffert and the William and Mary Quarterly, 1972-1997
307-346Holly BrewerEntailing Aristocracy in Colonial Virginia: "Ancient Feudal Restraints" and Revolutionary Reform
347-376Steven W. Hackel The Staff of Leadership: Indian Authority in the Missions of Alta California
Notes and Documents
377-394Michael Jarvis and Jeroen van Driel The Vingboons Chart of the James River, Virginia, circa 1617
395-398Engel Sluiter New Light on the "20. and Odd Negroes" Arriving in Virginia, August 1619
399-412399-412 Who Wrote "The North American" Essays?
1997, Vol 54, No. 1 — Constructing Race
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
7-18David Brion DavisConstructing Race: A Reflection
19-44Alden T. Vaughan and Virginia Mason VaughanBefore Othello: Elizabethan Representations of Sub-Saharan Africans
45-64Emily C. BartelsOthello and Africa: Postcolonialism Reconsidered
65-102Robin BlackburnThe Old World Background to European Colonial Slavery
103-142Benjamin BraudeThe Sons of Noah and the Construction of Ethnic and Geographical Identities in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods
143-166James H. SweetThe Iberian Roots of American Racist Thought
167-192Jennifer L. Morgan"Some Could Suckle over Their Shoulder": Male Travelers, Female Bodies, and the Gendering of Racial Ideology, 1500-1770
193-228Karen Ordahl KuppermanPresentment of Civility: English Reading of American Self-Presentation in the Early Years of Colonization
229-252Joyce E. ChaplinNatural Philosophy and an Early Racial Idiom in North America: Comparing English and Indian Bodies
1996, Vol 53, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
685-728Jerome S. Handler and JoAnn JacobySlave Names and Naming in Barbados, 1650-1830
729-754Susan DunnRevolutionary Men of Letters and the Pursuit of Radical Change: The Views of Burke, Tocqueville, Adams, Madison, and Jefferson Revolutionary
755-768Edith Murphy "A Rich Widow, Now to be Tane Up or Laid Downe": Solving the Riddle of Thomas Morton's "Rise Oedipeus"
769-796Trevor Burnard European Migration to Jamaica, 1655-1780
1996, Vol 53, No. 3 — Indians and Others in Early America
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
435-458Neal SalisburyThe Indians' Old World: Native Americans and the Coming of Europeans
459-486Jenny Hale PulsipherMassacre at Hurtleberry Hill: Christian Indians and English Authority in Metacom's War
487-526Eric HinderakerThe "Four Indian Kings" and the Imaginative Construction of the First British Empire
527-560Gregory Evans Dowd The Panic of 1751: The Significance of Rumors on the South Carolina- Cherokee Frontier
561-586Donna Keith Baron, J. Edward Hood and Holly V. IzardThey Were Here All Along: The Native American Presence in Lower-Central New England in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
Forum: The "Iroquois Influence" Thesis — Con and Pro
587 [Introduction]
588-604Philip A. LevyExemplars of Taking Liberties: The Iroquois Influence Thesis and the Problem of Evidence
605-620Samuel B. Payne, Jr.The Iroquois League, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution
621-636Donald A. Grinde, Jr. and Bruce E. JohansenSauce for the Goose: Demand and Definitions for "Proof" Regarding the Iroquois and Democracy
1996, Vol 53, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
251-288Ira Berlin From Creole to African: Atlantic Creoles and the Origins of African- American Society in Mainland North America
289-318Joanne B. FreemanDueling as Politics: Reinterpreting the Burr-Hamilton Duel
319-340Adriana E. van Zwieten The Orphan Chamber of New Amsterdam
Forum: Rethinking the American Revolution
341 [Introduction]
342-362Edward CountrymanIndians, the Colonial Order, and the Social Significance of the American Revolution
363-366Philip J. DeloriaRevolution, Region, and Culture in Multicultural History
367-372Sylvia R. FreyRethinking the American Revolution
373-378Michael ZuckermanThrough a Glass Darkly: Countryman's Radical American Revolution
379-386 Edward Countryman Responds:
1996, Vol 53, No. 1 — Material Culture in Early America
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3  Editor's Note
4  Fear: God; Mary Broadnax
5-12Ann Smart Martin Material Things and Cultural Meanings: Notes on the Study of Early American Material Culture
13-42Timothy J. Shannon Dressing for Success on the Mohawk Frontier: Hendrick, William Johnson, and the Indian Fashion
43-66Adrienne D. Hood The Material World of Cloth: Production and Use in Eighteenth-Century Rural Pennsylvania
67-86Nora Pat Small The Search for a New Rural Order: Farmhouses in Sutton, Massachusetts, 1790-1830
87-114Patricia Samford The Archaeology of African-American Slavery and Material Culture
115-136Sarah H. Hill Weaving History: Cherokee Baskets from the Springplace Mission
137-180Barbara E. Lacey Visual Images of Blacks in Early American Imprints
1995, Vol 52, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
583-608Richard Striner Political Newtonianism: The Cosmic Model of Politics in Europe and America
609-630Catherine M. DesbaratsThe Cost of Early Canada's Native Alliances: Reality and Scarcity's Rhetoric
631-648David EltisNew Estimates of Exports from Barbados and Jamaica, 1665-1701
649-696James AxtellColumbian Encounters: 1992-1995
1995, Vol 52, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
389-414Doron Ben-AtarAlexander Hamilton's Alternative: Technology Piracy and the Report on Manufactures
415-432Stephen Carl ArchWriting a Federalist Self: Alexander Graydon's Memoirs of a Life
433-452Kenneth MorganThe Organization of the Colonial American Rice Trade
Forum: Early American Emeriti III
453Michael McGiffert[Introduction]
454-456W. W. AbbotHow It Happened
457-460Charles W. AkersOld Historians Never Die
461-465George Athan BilliasPrivileged Person
466-472Jacob Ernest CookeHistorian by Happenstance: One Scholar's Odyssey
473-478Everett EmersonOn Becoming an Early Americanist
479-482Edwin S. GaustadWhen in the Course
483-487Milton M. KleinThe Pleasures of Teaching and Writing History
488-493Benjamin W. LabareeClassrooms
94-498Alden T. VaughanLooking Back
499-512Alfred F. YoungAn Outsider and the Progress of a Career in History
1995, Vol 52, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
227-258Martin H. QuittTrade and Acculturation at Jamestown, 1607-1609: The Limits of Understanding
259-286Richard Godbeer"The Cry of Sodom": Discourse, Intercourse, and Desire in Colonial New England
287-314Eve KornfeldEncountering "the Other": American Intellectuals and Indians in the 1790s
315-326Michael MerrillPutting "Capitalism" in Its Place: A Review of Recent Literature
1995, Vol 52, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-46Evan Haefeli and Kevin SweeneyRevisiting The Redeemed Captive: New Perspectives on the 1704 Attack on Deerfield
47-76Philip D. Morgan Slaves and Livestock in Eighteenth-Century Jamaica: Vineyard Pen, 1750-1751
77-102J. F. Bosher Huguenot Merchants and the Protestant International in the Seventeenth Century
103  [Introduction]
104-144Carole ShammasAnglo-American Household Government in Comparative Perspective
145-150Daniel Scott SmithBehind and Beyond the Law of the Household
151-156Richard WhiteWhat Chigabe Knew: Indians, Household Government, and the State
157-162Patricia SeedAmerican Law, Hispanic Traces: Some Contemporary Entanglements of Community Property
163-166 Carole Shammas Responds
1994, Vol 51, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
601-624Virginia DeJohn AndersonKing Philip's Herds: Indians, Colonists, and the Problem of Livestock in Early New England
625-658A. Roger EkirchSometimes an Art, Never a Science, Always a Craft: A Conversation with Bernard Bailyn
659-676Russell R. MenardFinancing the Lowcountry Export Boom: Capital and Growth in Early South Carolina
Forum: How Revolutionary Was the Revolution? A Discussion of Gordon S. Wood's The Radicalism of the American Revolution
677-678Review by: Michael McGiffertThe Radicalism of the American Revolution by Gordon S. Wood
679-683Review by: Joyce ApplebyThe Radical Recreation of the American Republic
684-692Review by: Barbara Clark SmithThe Adequate Revolution
693-702Review by: Michael Zuckerman Rhetoric, Reality, and the Revolution: The Genteel Radicalism of Gordon Wood
703-716Review by: Gordon S. Wood and Gordon S. WoodEquality and Social Conflict in the American Revolution
Forum: "Why the West is Lost"
717Review by: Michael McGiffertComments and Response
718-719Review by: Robert F. Berkhofer, Jr.Comments and Response
720-721Review by: Paul Boyer, Clifford Clark, Joseph Kett, Neal Salisbury, Harvard Sitkoff and Nancy WolochComments and Response
722-723Review by: Edward CountrymanComments and Response
724-726Review by: Marc EgnalComments and Response
727-728Review by: John Mack FaragherComments and Response
729-732Review by: Jay GitlinComments and Response
733-735Review by: Wilbur R. JacobsComments and Response
736-739Review by: Donna MerwickComments and Response
740-744Review by: Mathew Mulcahy and Russell R. MenardComments and Response
745-746Review by: Jack N. RakoveComments and Response
747-749Review by: Gordon S. WoodComments and Response
750-754Review by: James A. Hijiya and James A. HijiyaComments and Response
Notes and Documents
755-776David Raynor and Andrew SkinnerSir James Steuart: Nine Letters on the American Conflict, 1775-1778
777-782Thomas N. Ingersoll"Releese us out of this Cruell Bondegg": An Appeal from Virginia in 1723
1994, Vol 51, No. 3 — Mid-Atlantic Perspectives
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
351-353Paul G. E. ClemensIntroduction
354Michael McGiffertEditor's Note
355-388Wayne BodleThemes and Directions in Middle Colonies Historiography, 1980-1994
389-418Cathy Matson"Damned Scoundrels" and "Libertisme of Trade": Freedom and Regulation in Colonial New York's Fur and Grain Trades
419-446Margaret Morris HavilandBeyond Women's Sphere: Young Quaker Women and the Veil of Charity in Philadelphia, 1790-1810
447-472David William VoorheesThe "fervent Zeale" of Jacob Leisler
473-506Susan E. Klepp Seasoning and Society: Racial Differences in Mortality in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia
507-538Paul A. Gilje and Howard B. Rock "Sweep O! Sweep O!": African-American Chimney Sweeps and Citizenship in the New Nation
1994, Vol 51, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
183-202Bruce H. MannTales from the Crypt: Prison, Legal Authority, and the Debtors' Constitution in the Early Republic
203-226Andrew J. O'Shaughnessy The Stamp Act Crisis in the British Caribbean
227-252John Ferling John Adams, Diplomat
253-274William B. Skelton High Army Leadership in the Era of the War of 1812: The Making and Remaking of the Officer Corps
275  Forum
276-292James A. Hijiya Why the West Is Lost
Notes and Documents
293-304David S. Shields Anglo-American Clubs: Their Wit, Their Heterodoxy, Their Sedition
305-310John L. Bullion George III on Empire, 1783
1994, Vol 51, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-38Barbara Clark Smith Food Rioters and the American Revolution
39-66Gloria L. Main Gender, Work, and Wages in Colonial New England
67-91Daniel Scott Smith Continuity and Discontinuity in Puritan Naming: Massachusetts, 1771
92-105Michael P. WinshipProdigies, Puritanism, and the Perils of Natural Philosophy: The Example of Cotton Mather
106-118Patricia U. BonomiLord Cornbury Redressed: The Governor and the Problem Portrait
1993, Vol 50, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
671-699Peter S. Onuf The Scholars' Jefferson
700-726Richard Cullen Rath African Music in Seventeenth-Century Jamaica: Cultural Transit and Transition
727-742John Thornton Central African Names and African-American Naming Patterns
743-767Christine Daniels"WANTED: A Blacksmith who Understands Plantation Work": Artisans in Maryland, 1700-1810
768-786Larry D. GraggA Puritan in the West Indies: The Career of Samuel Winthrop
1993, Vol 50, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
471-501T. H. Breen Narrative of Commercial Life: Consumption, Ideology, and Community on the Eve of the American Revolution
502-528Christopher GrassoThe Experimental Philosophy of Farming: Jared Eliot and the Cultivation of Connecticut
529-554Frank LambertSubscribing for Profits and Piety: The Friendship of Benjamin Franklin and George Whitefield
Notes and Documents
555-574Mark Häberlein German Migrants in Colonial Pennsylvania: Resources, Opportunities, and Experience
575-590Robert A. Selig A German Soldier in America, 1780-1783: The Journal of Georg Daniel Flohr
591-593Robert Charles AndersonThe Great Migration Study Project
594-599J. R. PoleFurther Reflections on Law in the American Revolution: A Comment on the Comments
600-603 Trivia
1993, Vol 50, No. 2 — Early American History: Its Past and Future
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
 Ronald HoffmanDirector's Foreword
 Michael McGiffertEditor's Foreword
245-267Joyce ApplebyA Different Kind of Independence: The Postwar Restructuring of the Historical Study of Early America
268-297Fredrika J. TeuteA Conversation with Thad Tate
Forum: The Future of Early American History
298 [Introduction]
299-310Fred Anderson and Andrew R. L. CaytonThe Problem of Fragmentation and the Prospects for Synthesis in Early American Social History
311-328Kathleen M. BrownBrave New Worlds: Women's and Gender History
329-341Saul CornellEarly American History in a Postmodern Age
342-355Allan Kulikoff Households and Markets: Toward a New Synthesis of American Agrarian History
356-366Russell R. Menard Whatever Happened to Early American Population History?
367-378Michael Meranze Even the Dead Will Not be Safe: An Ethics of Early American History
379-393Daniel K. Richter Whose Indian History?
394-405Jon F. Sensbach Charting a Course in Early African-American History
406-417Darren Marcus StaloffIntellectual History Naturalized: Materialism and the "Thinking Class"
418-424Daniel VickersBeyond Jack Tar
1993, Vol 50, No. 1 — Law and Society in Early America
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-6Stanley N. KatzIntroduction
7-17Cornelia Hughes Dayton Turning Points and the Relevance of Colonial Legal History
18-27Terri L. SnyderLegal History of the Colonial South: Assessment and Suggestions
28-41Richard J. RossThe Legal Past of Early New England: Notes for the Study of Law, Legal Culture, and Intellectual History
42-50David Thomas KonigA Summary View of the Law of British America
51-84Pauline MaierThe Revolutionary Origins of the American Corporation
85-111David C. BrownThe Forfeitures at Salem, 1692
112-122Richard P. McCormickThe "Ordinance" of 1784?
Forum: American Law and the American Revolution
123-159J. R. PoleReflections on American Law and the American Revolution
160-167Peter Charles Hoffer Custom as Law: A Comment on J. R. Pole's "Reflections"
168-175Bruce H. Mann The Evolutionary Revolution in American Law: A Comment on J. R. Pole's "Reflections"
176-180James A. Henretta and James D. RiceLaw as Litigation: An Agenda for Research
143 Trivia
1992, Vol 49, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
589-608Eugene R. SheridanThomas Jefferson and the Giles Resolutions
609-627Colleen A. SheehanThe Politics of Public Opinion: James Madison's "Notes on Government"
628-651Norman K. RisjordPartisanship and Power: House Committees and the Powers of the Speaker, 1789-1801
652-674John G. KolpThe Dynamics of Electoral Competition in Pre-Revolutionary Virginia
675-694Michael Durey John Lithgow's Lithconia: The Making and Meaning of America's First "Utopian Socialist" Tract
695-696 Trivia
1992, Vol 49, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
401-430Richard R. BeemanDeference, Republicanism, and the Emergence of Popular Politics in Eighteenth-Century America
431-448Mark L. SargentThomas Hutchinson, Ezra Stiles, and the Legend of the Regicides
Notes and Documents
449-491Jon Butler Thomas Teackle's 333 Books: A Great Library on Virginia's Eastern Shore, 1697
492-508N.E.S. Griffiths and John G. Reid New Evidence on New Scotland, 1629
509-521Alfred A. CaveWho Killed John Stone? A Note on the Origins of the Pequot War
522-523 Trivia
1992, Vol 49, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
183-209Patricia SeedTaking Possession and Reading Texts: Establishing the Authority of Overseas Empires
210-228Rolena AdornoThe Discursive Encounter of Spain and America: The Authority of Eyewitness Testimony in the Writing of History
229-253John E. KiczaPatterns in Early Spanish Overseas Expansion
254-277Delno WestChristopher Columbus and His Enterprise to the Indies: Scholarship of the Last Quarter Century
278-297David B. QuinnColumbus and the North: England, Iceland, and Ireland
298-320John D. DanielsThe Indian Population of North America in 1492
321-334Michael GannonThe New Alliance of History and Archaeology in the Eastern Spanish Borderlands
335-360James AxtellColumbian Encounters: Beyond 1992
361 Trivia
1992, Vol 49, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-28Edward CountrymanThe Uses of Capital in Revolutionary America: The Case of the New York Loyalist Merchants
29-61Joyce E. ChaplinTidal Rice Cultivation and the Problem of Slavery in South Carolina and Georgia, 1760-1815
62-88Jean B. Russo A Model Planter: Edward Lloyd IV of Maryland, 1770-1796
89-107John L. Bullion British Ministers and American Resistance to the Stamp Act, October- December 1765
Notes and Documents
108-116Donald F. Swanson and Andrew P. TroutAlexander Hamilton's Hidden Sinking Fund
117-119 Trivia
1991, Vol 48, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
515-530Jack P. Greene Interpretive Frameworks: The Quest for Intellectual Order in Early American History
531-551Janice Knight Learning the Language of God: Jonathan Edwards and the Typology of Nature
552-579Daniel Mandell"To Live More Like My Christian English Neighbors": Natick Indians in the Eighteenth Century
580-597Marcus RedikerThe Old Guard, the New Guard, and the People at the Gates: New Approaches to the Study of American History in the U.S.S.R.
Notes and Documents
598-607Warren M. Billings and David Hackett FischerSir William Berkeley--Portrait By Fischer: A Critique
608-611 David Hackett Fischer's Rejoinder
612-613 Trivia
1991, Vol 48, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
347-386John D. KruglerBehind the Public Presentations: Research and Scholarship at Living History Museums of Early America
387-408Daniel B. ThorpDoing Business in the Backcountry: Retail Trade in Colonial Rowan County, North Carolina
409-431J. Kevin Graffagnino"Twenty Thousand Muskets!!!": Ira Allen and the Olive Branch Affair, 1796-1800
Notes and Documents
432-466Mary Rhinelander McCarlThomas Shepard's Record of Relations of Religious Experience, 1648-1649
1991, Vol 48, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
159-172Norman S. GraboCrèvecoeur's American: Beginning the World Anew
173-200Thomas N. IngersollFree Blacks in a Slave Society: New Orleans, 1718-1812
201-222Betsy KnightPrisoner Exchange and Parole in the American Revolution
Forum: Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America — A Symposium
223 [Introduction]
Forum: Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America — A Symposium
224-230Jack P. GreeneTransplanting Moments: Inheritance in the Formation of Early American Culture
231-237Virginia DeJohn AndersonThe Origins of New England Culture
238-245James HornCavalier Culture? The Social Development of Colonial Virginia
246-252Barry LevyQuakers, the Delaware Valley, and North Midlands Emigration to America
253-259Ned C. Landsman Border Cultures, the Backcountry, and "North British" Emigration to America
260-308David Hackett FischerAlbion and the Critics: Further Evidence and Reflection
309-310 Trivia
1991, Vol 48, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-18David R. RansomeWives for Virginia, 1621
19-49Cornelia Hughes DaytonTaking the Trade: Abortion and Gender Relations in an Eighteenth-Century New England Village
50-67Joel Perlmann and Dennis Shirley When Did New England Women Acquire Literacy?
68-92Joanna Bowen Gillespie1795: Martha Laurens Ramsay's "Dark Night of the Soul"
93-114Trevor BurnardInheritance and Independence: Women's Status in Early Colonial Jamaica
1990, Vol 47, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
477-502Richard ArcherNew England Mosaic: A Demographic Analysis for the Seventeenth Century
503-522Hilary McD. BecklesA "riotous and unruly lot": Irish Indentured Servants and Freemen in the English West Indies, 1644-1713
523-547J. David LehmanThe End of the Iroquois Mystique: The Oneida Land Cession Treaties of the 1780s
548-565Review by: Jesper RosenmeierJohn Cotton on Usury
566-573Review by: Rosalind RemerOld Lights and New Money: A Note on Religion, Economics, and the Social Order in 1740 Boston
574-575 Trivia
1990, Vol 47, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
327-346David Jaffee The Village Enlightenment in New England, 1760-1820
347-369Steven C. Bullock The Revolutionary Transformation of American Freemasonry, 1752-1792
370-390Stephen Conway"The Great Mischief Complain'd of": Reflections on the Misconduct of British Soldiers in the Revolutionary War
Notes and Documents
391-410Bruce P. Stark"A Factious Spirit": Constitutional Theory and Political Practice in Connecticut, c. 1740
411-421Ada van GastelVan der Donck's Description of the Indians: Additions and Corrections
422-430Donald F. Swanson and Andrew P. Trout Alexander Hamilton, "the Celebrated Mr. Neckar," and Public Credit
431 Trivia
1990, Vol 47, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
189-209Peter K. KaferThe Making of Timothy Dwight: A Connecticut Morality Tale
210-234Kevin R. McNamaraThe Feathered Scribe: The Discourses of American Ornithology before 1800
235-265Toby L. DitzOwnership and Obligation: Inheritance and Patriarchal Households in Connecticut, 1750-1820
266-286Andrew R. L. Cayton Land, Power, and Reputation: The Cultural Dimension of Politics in the Ohio Country
287 Trivia
1990, Vol 47, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-29Daniel VickersCompetency and Competition: Economic Culture in Early America
30-56Winstanley BriggsLe Pays des Illinois
57-89Adrian HoweThe Bayard Treason Trial: Dramatizing Anglo-Dutch Politics in Early Eighteenth-Century New York City
90-114H. James HendersonTaxation and Political Culture: Massachusetts and Virginia, 1760-1800
115-138Roger KaplanThe Hidden War: British Intelligence Operations during the American Revolution
139 Trivia
1989, Vol 46, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
641-670Gregory H. NoblesBreaking into the Backcountry: New Approaches to the Early American Frontier, 1750-1800
671-695Colin GordonCrafting a Usable Past: Consensus, Ideology, and Historians of the American Revolution
696-740Stephen R. Grossbart Seeking the Divine Favor: Conversion and Church Admission in Eastern Connecticut, 1711-1832
741-769Mark Valeri The New Divinity and the American Revolution
Notes and Documents
770-785William B. SkeltonThe Confederation's Regulars: A Social Profile of Enlisted Service in America's First Standing Army
786-799Baird Tipson Samuel Stone's "Discourse" against Requiring Church Relations
800William PembleTrivia
1989, Vol 46, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
425-462John L. BrookeTo the Quiet of the People: Revolutionary Settlements and Civil Unrest in Western Massachusetts, 1774-1789
463-505Peter N. MoogkReluctant Exiles: Emigrants from France in Canada before 1760
506-538Kenneth MorganShipping Patterns and the Atlantic Trade of Bristol, 1749-1770
539-564Riva Berleant-SchillerFree Labor and the Economy in Seventeenth-Century Montserrat
565-585Linda K. Kerber, Nancy F. Cott, Robert Gross, Lynn Hunt, Carroll Smith-Rosenberg and Christine M. StansellBeyond Roles, Beyond Spheres: Thinking about Gender in the Early Republic
586-588James Chalmbers, Aaron Leaming, Jacob Spencer, J. Hammond Trumbull and John PintardTrivia
1989, Vol 46, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
211-251Philip D. Morgan and Michael L. NichollsSlaves in Piedmont Virginia, 1720-1790 Slaves in Piedmont Virginia, 1720-1790
252-278Joyce D. GoodfriendThe Social Dimensions of Congregational Life in Colonial New York City
279-303Charles E. Clark and Charles WetherellThe Measure of Maturity: The Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728-1765
Notes and Documents
304-314Ian SteeleGovernors or Generals?: A Note on Martial Law and the Revolution of 1689 in English America
315-331Ruth Bogin"Measures So Glareingly unjust": A Response to Hamilton's Funding Plan by William Manning
332-340Gary B. NashNew Light on Richard Allen: The Early Years of Freedom
341-375Peter S. OnufReflections on the Founding: Constitutional Historiography in Bicentennial Perspective
376-377 Trivia
1989, Vol 46, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-26Alan Taylor"A Kind of Warr": The Contest for Land on the Northeastern Frontier, 1750-1820
27-48Laurel Thatcher Ulrich"The Living Mother of a Living Child": Midwifery and Mortality in Post-Revolutionary New England
49-70Douglas L. Wilson Jefferson vs. Hume
71-92Michael E. Stevens Legislative Privilege in Post-Revolutionary South Carolina
93  Editor's Note
94-119James H. Merrell Some Thoughts on Colonial Historians and American Indians
120-144Allan Kulikoff The Transition to Capitalism in Rural America
145-162James P. Ronda Dreams and Discoveries: Exploring the American West, 1760-1815
163-164 Trivia
1988, Vol 45, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
629-655Martin H. Quitt Immigrant Origins of the Virginia Gentry: A Study of Cultural Transmission and Innovation
656-683Edith B. Gelles The Abigail Industry
684-711Morris Altman Economic Growth in Canada, 1695-1739: Estimates and Analysis
Notes and Documents
712-732Alden T. Vaughan John Smith Satirized: The Legend of Captaine Iones
733-750Sargent Bush, Jr. 'Revising what we have done amisse': John Cotton and John Wheelwright, 1640
751-770David LevinGiants in the Earth: Science and the Occult in Cotton Mather's Letters to the Royal Society
771-772 Trivia
1988, Vol 45, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
391-425Ruth Bogin Petitioning and the New Moral Economy of Post-Revolutionary America
426-452Joseph M. FewsterThe Jay Treaty and British Ship Seizures: The Martinique Cases
453-488John E. KiczaThe Social and Ethnic Historiography of Colonial Latin America: The Last Twenty Years
Notes and Documents
489-498Philip F. GuraGoing Mr. Stoddard's Way: William Williams on Church Privileges, 1693
499-509John L. BullionSecurity and Economy: The Bute Administration's Plans for the American Army and Revenue, 1762-1763
510-516Peter D. G. ThomasThe Cost of the British Army in North America, 1763-1775
Forum: Early American Emeriti II: A Symposium of Experience and Evaluation
517 Editor's Note
518-520John R. AldenErrata Assumed
521-526A. Owen AldridgeA Case of Academic Schizophrenia
527-532Malcolm FreibergPeople and Places
533-539Philip S. HaffendenFrom Empire to Republic: A Personal Odyssey
540-545Douglas Edward LeachReflections While Moving On
546-551David S. LovejoyScholarly Reminiscenes
552-559Richard P. McCormickA Historian's Education
560-568Walter E. MinchintonHistory Is Multifaceted
569-573David Beers QuinnExplorations and Discoveries
574-579George C. Rogers, Jr. Names, Not Numbers
580-587Esmond Wright An Old England Man
588 Trivia
1988, Vol 45, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
207-236Ronald Hoffman"Marylando-Hibernus": Charles Carroll the Settler, 1660-1720
237-252Merrill D. PetersonDumas Malone: An Appreciation
253-279Alan GallayJonathan Bryan's Plantation Empire: Land, Politics, and the Formation of a Ruling Class in Colonial Georgia
280-304Barbara E. LaceyThe World of Hannah Heaton: The Autobiography of an Eighteenth-Century Connecticut Farm Woman
305-341Philip F. GuraThe Study of Colonial American Literature, 1966-1987: A Vade Mecum
342-344Norman S. GraboSo Who Killed Colonial Literary History?
345-347David Levin A Survivor's Tale
348-349Larzer ZiffText and Context
350-351Philip F. GuraThe Study of Colonial American Literature: Response
352-354 Trivia
1988, Vol 45, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-32Isaac KramnickThe "Great National Discussion": The Discourse of Politics in 1787
33-69Thomas E. BuckleyEvangelicals Triumphant: The Baptists' Assault on the Virginia Glebes, 1786-1801
70-99Karen Ordahl Kupperman Errand to the Indies: Puritan Colonization from Providence Island through the Western Design
Notes and Documents
100-106Rodney M. Baine James Oglethorpe and the Early Promotional Literature for Georgia
107-115Robert M. Jennings, Donald F. Swanson and Andrew P. TroutAlexander Hamilton's Tontine Proposal
Forum: Toward a History of the Standard of Living in British North America
116-123Lorena S. WalshQuestions and Sources for Exploring the Standard of Living
124-134Gloria L. MainThe Standard of Living in Southern New England, 1640-1773
135-159Lois Green Carr and Lorena S. WalshThe Standard of Living in the Colonial Chesapeake
160-162Jackson Turner Main Summary: The Hereafter
163-166Billy G. Smith Toward a History of the Standard of Living in British North America: Comment
167-170John J. McCusker Toward a History of the Standard of Living in British North America: Comment
171-172 Trivia
1987, Vol 44, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
661-688Michael DureyThomas Paine's Apostles: Radical Emigrés and the Triumph of Jeffersonian Republicanism
689-721Jan LewisThe Republican Wife: Virtue and Seduction in the Early Republic
722-749Jean R. SoderlundWomen's Authority in Pennsylvania and New Jersey Quaker Meetings, 1680-1760
Notes and Documents
750-774A. G. Roeber In German Ways? Problems and Potentials of Eighteenth-Century German Social and Emigration History
775-789Susan C. BoyleDid She Generally Decide? Women in Ste. Genevieve, 1750-1805
171-172 Trivia
1987, Vol 44, No. 3 — The Constitution of the United States
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
411-423James H. Hutson Riddles of the Federal Constitutional Convention
424-457Jack N. Rakove The Great Compromise: Ideas, Interests, and the Politics of Constitution Making
458-484William E. Nelson Reason and Compromise in the Establishment of the Federal Constitution, 1787-1801
485-509Daniel W. HoweThe Political Psychology of The Federalist
510-528Robert H. WebkingMelancton Smith and the Letters from the Federal Farmer
529-548Steven R. BoydThe Contract Clause and the Evolution of American Federalism, 1789-1815
Forum: The Creation of the American Republic, 1776-1787: A Symposium of Views and Reviews
549 Editor's Note
550-555Ruth H. BlochThe Constitution and Culture
556-562Edward Countryman Of Republicanism, Capitalism, and the "American Mind"
563-568John Patrick DigginsBetween Bailyn and Beard: The Perspectives of Gordon S. Wood
569-575John HoweGordon S. Wood and the Analysis of Political Culture in the American Revolutionary Era
576-582Ralph KetchamPublius: Sustaining the Republican Principle
583-590Pauline MaierA Pearl in a Gnarled Shell: Gordon S. Wood's The Creation of the American Republic Reconsidered
591-596Jackson Turner MainAn Agenda for Research on the Origins and Nature of the Constitution of 1787-1788
597-601John M. MurrinGordon S. Wood and the Search for Liberal America
602-611Gary B Nash Also There at the Creation: Going beyond Gordon S. Wood
612-616Peter S. Onuf State Politics and Ideological Transformation: Gordon S. Wood's Republican Revolution
617-622Jack N. RakoveGordon S. Wood, the "Republican Synthesis," and the Path Not Taken
623-627Garry Wills Talking Ourselves Out of a Fight
628-640Gordon S. Wood Ideology and the Origins of Liberal America
1987, Vol 44, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
165-192Daniel H. Usner, Jr.The Frontier Exchange Economy of the Lower Mississippi Valley in the Eighteenth Century
193-229David D. HallOn Common Ground: The Coherence of American Puritan Studies
230-273Don Higginbotham The Early American Way of War: Reconnaissance and Appraisal
274-299David Geggus The Enigma of Jamaica in the 1790s: New Light on the Causes of Slave Rebellions
Notes and Documents
300-309James AxtellThe Power of Print in the Eastern Woodlands
310-332James F. Cooper, Jr.The Confession and Trial of Richard Wayte, Boston, 1640
333-335Pearce S. GroveEighteenth-Century Copperplates Discovered
336-369David T. CourtwrightFifty Years of American History: An Interview with Edmund S. Morgan
370-371 Trivia
1987, Vol 44, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-39Mary Beth NortonGender and Defamation in Seventeenth-Century Maryland
40-64Lisa Wilson WaciegaA "Man of Business": The Widow of Means in Southeastern Pennsylvania, 1750-1850
65-88Donald R. Hickey The Monroe-Pinkney Treaty of 1806: A Reappraisal
Notes and Documents
89-103Lorena S. WalshStaying Put or Getting Out: Findings for Charles County, Maryland, 1650-1720
104-120Charles T. Gehring and Robert S. GrumetObservations of the Indians from Jasper Danckaerts's Journal, 1679-1680
121-126Kenneth P. MinkemaA Great Awakening Conversion: The Relation of Samuel Belcher
127-128 Trivia
1986, Vol 43, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
519-541Richard R. JohnsonCharles McLean Andrews and the Invention of American Colonial History
542-569Lucy Simler Tenancy in Colonial Pennsylvania: The Case of Chester County
570-593Nuala Zahedieh The Merchants of Port Royal, Jamaica, and the Spanish Contraband Trade, 1655-1692
594-614Harvey H. JacksonHugh Bryan and the Evangelical Movement in Colonial South Carolina
Notes and Documents
615-645Harvey H. JacksonEnlisted Men in the United States Army, 1812-1815: A Preliminary Survey
646-657John L. Bullion"The Ten Thousand in America": More Light on the Decision on the American Army, 1762-1763
658-659 Trivia
1986, Vol 43, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
333-361Jean Butenhoff LeeThe Problem of Slave Community in the Eighteenth-Century Chesapeake
362-380Daniel A. CohenArthur Mervyn and His Elders: The Ambivalence of Youth in the Early Republic
381-407Stephen ConwayTo Subdue America: British Army Officers and the Conduct of the Revolutionary War
Notes and Documents
408-430Richard R. JohnsonThe Imperial Webb: The Thesis of Garrison Government in Early America Considered
431-459Stephen Saunders Webb The Data and Theory of Restoration Empire
460-471Robert Gough Officering the American Army, 1798
472-473 Trivia
1986, Vol 43, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
163-178Darrett B. RutmanAssessing the Little Communities of Early America
179-213Peter S. OnufLiberty, Development, and Union: Visions of the West in the 1780s
214-244Leigh Eric Schmidt "A Second and Glorious Reformation": The New Light Extremism of Andrew Croswell
Notes and Documents
245-251Richard L. Bushman Regional Material Culture: A Review of "The Great River: Art and Society of the Connecticut Valley, 1635-1820"
252-266Joseph Horrell and Richard W. OramGeorge Washington's "Marble colour'd folio Book": A Newly Identified Ledger
267-293John Parke Custis and Billy J. Harbin Letters from John Parke Custis to George and Martha Washington, 1778-1781
294-295 Trivia
1986, Vol 43, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-19Lance BanningJeffersonian Ideology Revisited: Liberal and Classical Ideas in the New American Republic
20-34Joyce ApplebyRepublicanism in Old and New Contexts
35-63Joseph S. TiedemannPatriots by Default: Queens County, New York, and the British Army, 1776-1783
64-98Jacob M. PriceThe Last Phase of the Virginia-London Consignment Trade: James Buchanan and Co., 1758-1768
Notes and Documents
99-110Thomas S. Martin The Long and the Short of It: A Newspaper Exchange on the Massachusetts Charters, 1772
111-117Jerome S. Handler and Robert S. CorrucciniWeaning among West Indian Slaves: Historical and Bioanthropological Evidence from Barbados
118 Trivia
1985, Vol 42, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
433-452Douglas L. WilsonThomas Jefferson's Early Notebooks
453-475O. S. IrelandThe Crux of Politics: Religion and Party in Pennsylvania, 1778-1789
476-498N. A. T. HallMaritime Maroons: "Grand Marronage" from the Danish West Indies
Notes and Documents
499-506Ruth Bogin "The Battle of Lexington": A Patriotic Ballad by Lemuel Haynes
507-524Donald M. SweigThe Importation of African Slaves to the Potomac River, 1732-1772
525-526 Trivia
1985, Vol 42, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
305-328Francis Jennings Francis Parkman: A Brahmin among Untouchables
329-356R. C. Nash Irish Atlantic Trade in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
357-382Carl E. Swanson American Privateering and Imperial Warfare, 1739-1748
Notes and Documents
383-393Christopher McKee Foreign Seamen in the United States Navy: A Census of 1808
394-396F. K. Donnelly A Possible Source for Nathan Hale's Dying Words
397-398 Trivia
1985, Vol 42, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
167-183Jon Butler The Future of American Religious History: Prospectus, Agenda, Transatlantic "Problématique"
184-200A. Roger Ekirch Bound for America: A Profile of British Convicts Transported to the Colonies, 1718-1775
201-227Kenneth Morgan The Organization of the Convict Trade to Maryland: Stevenson, Randolph and Cheston, 1768-1775
Notes and Documents
228-237Susan WestburySlaves of Colonial Virginia: Where They Came From
238-248Charles Garland and Herbert S. Klein The Allotment of Space for Slaves aboard Eighteenth-Century British Slave Ships
249-250 Trivia
1985, Vol 42, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-25Melvin B. Endy, Jr. Just War, Holy War, and Millennialism in Revolutionary America
26-65Sarah F. McMahon A Comfortable Subsistence: The Changing Composition of Diet in Rural New England, 1620-1840
66-89James P. Walsh"Mechanics and Citizens": The Connecticut Artisan Protest of 1792
Notes and Documents
90-103Alan Taylor"Stopping the Progres of Rogues and Deceivers": A White Indian Recruiting Notice of 1808
104-116Mary Gosselink De Jong "Both Pleasure and Profit": William Billings and the Uses of Music
117-118 Trivia
1984, Vol 41, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
537-565James H. Merrell The Indians' New World: The Catawba Experience
566-591Thomas P. Slaughter The Tax Man Cometh: Ideological Opposition to Internal Taxes, 1760-1790
592-614John L. Brown Revolution and the Muse: The American War of Independence in Contemporary French Poetry
Notes and Documents
615-628Douglas L. Wilson Sowerby Revisited: The Unfinished Catalogue of Thomas Jefferson's Library
629-645Billy G. Smith Inequality in Late Colonial Philadelphia: A Note on Its Nature and Growth
646-648 Trivia
1984, Vol 41, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
333-364Bettye Hobbs Pruitt Self-Sufficiency and the Agricultural Economy of Eighteenth-Century Massachusetts
365-389David Chacko and Alexander Kulcsa Israel Potter: Genesis of a Legend
390-408Jerome S. Handler and John T. Pohlmann Slave Manumissions and Freedmen in Seventeenth-Century Barbados
Notes and Documents
409  Early American Emeriti: A Symposium of Experience and Evaluation
410-421W. J. Eccles Forty Years Back
422-435Brooke HindleA Retrospective View of Science, Technology, and Material Culture in Early American History
436-443Francis JenningsThe Discovery of Americans
444-454Jackson Turner MainMain-Traveled Roads
455-463Richard B. MorrisHistory Over Time
464-477Howard H. PeckhamRetrospectus
478-486Robert J. TaylorOne Historian's Educations
487-488 Trivia
1984, Vol 41, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
185-212Richard S. Dunn John Winthrop Writes His Journal
213-240Karen Ordahl Kupperman Fear of Hot Climates in the Anglo-American Colonial Experience
241-264William Breitenbach The Consistent Calvinism of the New Divinity Movement
Notes and Documents
265-276Stephen Conway British Army Officers and the American War for Independence
277-295John J. McCuskerNew Guides to Primary Sources on the History of Early British America
296-297 Trivia
1984, Vol 41, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-31David M. Scobey Revising the Errand: New England's Ways and the Puritan Sense of the Past
32-48George Selement The Meeting of Elite and Popular Minds at Cambridge, New England, 1638-1645
49-55David D. Hall Toward a History of Popular Religion in Early New England
56-61Darrett B. Rutman New England as Idea and Society Revisited
62-84Dennis Berthold Charles Brockden Brown, "Edgar Huntly", and the Origins of the American Picturesque
Notes and Documents
85 The Population of the United States, 1790: A Symposium
85-101Thomas L. PurvisThe European Ancestry of the United States Population, 1790: A Symposium
102-119Donald H. AkensonWhy the Accepted Estimates of Ethnicity of the American People, 1790, Are Unacceptable
119-135Thomas L. PurvisWhy the Accepted Estimates of Ethnicity of the American People, 1790, Are Unacceptable: Commentary
136Paul M. SmithTrivia
1983, Vol 40, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
499-527Fred Anderson A People's Army: Provincial Military Service in Massachusetts during the Seven Years' War
528-559Daniel K. RichterWar and Culture: The Iroquois Experience
560-583Daniel VickersThe First Whalemen of Nantucket
Notes and Documents
584-597John DemosWords and Things: A Review and Discussion of "New England Begins"
598-615Richard D. BrownShays's Rebellion and Its Aftermath: A View from Springfield, Massachusetts, 1787
616-621Edmund M. HayesMercy Otis Warren versus Lord Chesterfield 1779
622-623 Trivia
1983, Vol 40, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
341-362W. J. EcclesThe Fur Trade and Eighteenth-Century Imperialism
363-388Alison G. OlsonThe Virginia Merchants of London: A Study in Eighteenth-Century Interest-Group Politics
389-412E. James FergusonPolitical Economy, Public Liberty, and the Formation of the Constitution
Notes and Documents
413-452Bruce G. TriggerAmerican Archaeology as Native History: A Review Essay
453-454Patricia U. Bonomi, David Grayson Allen and Arthur ScherrTrivia
1983, Vol 40, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
171-196Russell R. Menard, Lois Green Carr and Lorena S. WalshA Small Planter's Profits: The Cole Estate and the Growth of the Early Chesapeake Economy
197-226Thomas M. DoerflingerPhiladelphia Merchants and the Logic of Moderation, 1760-1775
227-255Lance BanningJames Madison and the Nationalists, 1780-1783
Notes and Documents
256-282James H. HutsonJohn Dickinson at the Federal Constitutional Convention
283-291Donald M. SweigA New-Found Washington Letter of 1774 and the Fairfax Resolves
292-296Cole Harris The Historical Atlas of Canada: A Preview
297 Trivia
1983, Vol 40, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-41Jacob M. PriceBuchanan & Simson, 1759-1763: A Different Kind of Glasgow Firm Trading to the Chesapeake
42-61Robert Micklus "The History of the Tuesday Club": A Mock-Jeremiad of the Colonial South
62-84Sharon V. Salinger Artisans, Journeymen, and the Transformation of Labor in Late Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia
Notes and Documents
85-105Ruth Bogin "Liberty Further Extended": A 1776 Antislavery Manuscript by Lemuel Haynes
106-120T. H. Breen, James H. Lewis and Keith SchlesingerMotive for Murder: A Servant's Life in Virginia, 1678
121-124Philip F. GuraSamuel Gorton and Religious Radicalism in England, 1644-1648
125-126 Trivia
1982, Vol. 39, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
563-599Philip D. MorganWork and Culture: The Task System and the World of Lowcountry Blacks, 1700 to 1880
600-627Thomas L. PurvisOrigins and Patterns of Agrarian Unrest in New Jersey, 1735 to 1754
628-654David W. Jordan"Gods Candle" within Government: Quakers and Politics in Early Maryland
655-685Marylynn SalmonWomen and Property in South Carolina: The Evidence from Marriage Settlements, 1730 to 1830
686 Trivia
1982, Vol. 39, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
401-441Gordon S. WoodConspiracy and the Paranoid Style: Causality and Deceit in the Eighteenth Century
442-468Daniel Scott SmithA Perspective on Demographic Methods and Effects in Social History
469-491Philip F. Gura"The Contagion of Corrupt Opinions" in Puritan Massachusetts: The Case of William Pynchon
Notes and Documents
492-507Maurice J. BennettA Portrait of the Artist in Eighteenth-Century America: Charles Brockden Brown's "Memoirs of Stephen Calvert"
508-521 Doctoral Dissertations
522 Trivia
1982, Vol. 39, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
245-286Patricia U. Bonomi and Peter R. EisenstadtChurch Adherence in the Eighteenth-Century British American Colonies
287-309Joyce ApplebyWhat Is Still American in the Political Philosophy of Thomas Jefferson?
310-333Bruce T. McCullyGovernor Francis Nicholson, Patron "Par Excellence" of Religion and Learning in Colonial America
334-356Robert E. Shalhope Republicanism and Early American Historiography
357-358 Trivia
1982, Vol. 39, No. 1 — The Family in Early American History and Culture
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-28Daniel Blake SmithThe Study of the Family in Early America: Trends, Problems, and Prospects
29-63Gerald F. Moran and Maris A. Vinovskis The Puritan Family and Religion: A Critical Reappraisal
64-86John J. Waters Family, Inheritance, and Migration in Colonial New England: The Evidence from Guilford, Connecticut
87-113Karin Calvert Children in American Family Portraiture, 1670 to 1810
114-134Joan R. Gundersen and Gwen Victor GampelMarried Women's Legal Status in Eighteenth-Century New York and Virginia
135-149Jan Lewis Domestic Tranquillity and the Management of Emotion among the Gentry of Pre-Revolutionary Virginia
150-163Jacqueline S. Reinier Rearing the Republican Child: Attitudes and Practices in Post-Revolutionary Philadelphia
Notes and Documents
164-175C. Dallett Hemphill Women in Court: Sex-Role Differentiation in Salem, Massachusetts, 1636 to 1683
176-191James M. Gallman Determinants of Age at Marriage in Colonial Perquimans County, North Carolina
192-211Cheryll Ann Cody Naming, Kinship, and Estate Dispersal: Notes on Slave Family Life on a South Carolina Plantation, 1786 to 1833
212-223Frank L. Dewey Thomas Jefferson's Notes on Divorce
224-225 Trivia
1981, Vol. 38, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
561-623Alfred F. Young George Robert Twelves Hewes (1742-1840): A Boston Shoemaker and the Memory of the American Revolution
624-660Stephen FosterNew England and the Challenge of Heresy, 1630 to 1660: The Puritan Crisis in Transatlantic Perspective
661-680Rachel N. KleinOrdering the Backcountry: The South Carolina Regulation
Notes and Documents
681-701Peter C. HofferLaw and Liberty: In the Matter of Provost William Smith of Philadelphia, 1758
702-717Charles L. Cohen The "Liberty or Death" Speech: A Note on Religion and Revolutionary Rhetoric
718-722Michael V. GannonDocuments of the Spanish Florida Borderlands: A Calendaring Project at the University of Florida
723-724 Trivia
1981, Vol. 38, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
337-368James H. HutsonCountry, Court, and Constitution: Antifederalism and the Historians
369-394James P. RondaGenerations of Faith: The Christian Indians of Martha's Vineyard
395-417F. W. AndersonWhy Did Colonial New Englanders Make Bad Soldiers? Contractual Principles and Military Conduct during the Seven Year's War
418-441Michael P. JohnsonRunaway Slaves and the Slave Communities in South Carolina, 1799 to 1830 Runaway Slaves and the Slave Communities in South Carolina, 1799 to 1830
Notes and Documents
442-463Jack P. GreeneLegislative Turnover in British America, 1696 to 1775: A Quantitative Analysis
464-481Howard I. KushnerThe Suicide of Meriwether Lewis: A Psychoanalytic Inquiry
482-502 Doctoral Dissertations
503-505 Trivia
1981, Vol. 38, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
163-202Billy G. Smith The Material Lives of Laboring Philadelphians, 1750 to 1800
203-227Marcus Rediker"Under the Banner of King Death": The Social World of Anglo-American Pirates, 1716 to 1726
228-241Lloyd S. KramerAmerica's Lafayette and Lafayette's America: A European and the American Revolution
Notes and Documents
242-260Lorena S. WalshThe Historian as Census Taker: Individual Reconstitution and the Reconstruction of Censuses for a Colonial Chesapeake County
261-267Minor Myers, Jr.A Source for Eighteenth-Century Harvard Master's Questions
268-294Walker LewisAndrew Hamilton and the He-Monster
295-296 Trivia
1981, Vol. 38, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-34J.C.A. StaggJames Madison and the Coercion of Great Britain: Canada, the West Indies, and the War of 1812
35-55Patricia Cline CohenStatistics and the State: Changing Social thought and the Emergence of a Quantitative Mentality in America, 1790 to 1820
56-72William S. SimmonsCultural Bias in the New England Puritans' Perception of Indians
73-96Lawrence Delbert CressRepublican Liberty and National Security: American Military Policy as an Ideological Problem, 1783 to 1789
Notes and Documents
97-109Robert GoughCharles H. Lincoln, Carl Becker, and the Origins of the Dual-Revolution Thesis
110-112Peter D. G. Thomas New Light on the Commons Debate of 1763 on the American Army
113-114 Trivia
1980, Vol. 37, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
561-576Philip Lawson George Grenville and America: The Years of Opposition, 1765 to 1770
577-591Jesper Rosenmeier"Clearing the Medium": A Reevaluation of the Puritan Plain Style in Light of John Cotton's A Practicall Commentary upon the First Epistle Generall of John
592-615Thomas L. Purvis"High-Born, Long-Recorded Families": Social Origins of New Jersey Assemblymen, 1703 to 1776
Notes and Documents
616-626Russell R. MenardFive Maryland Censuses, 1700 to 1712: A Note on the Quality of the Quantities
627-643Peter S. OnufNew Lights in New London: A Group Portrait of the Separatists
644-652David W. Robson"An Important Question Answered": William Graham's Defense of Slavery in Post-Revolutionary Virginia
653-654 Trivia
1980, Vol. 37, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
371-400William Cuddihy and B. Carmon HardyA Man's House Was Not His Castle: Origins of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution
401-428Marc EgnalThe Origins of the Revolution in Virginia: A Reinterpretation
429-450Bruce C. DanielsEconomic Development in Colonial and Revolutionary Connecticut: An Overview
Notes and Documents
451-472James Axtell and William C. Sturtevant The Unkindest Cut, or Who Invented Scalping
473-483E. W. Pitcher Fiction in the Boston Magazine (1783-1786): A Checklist with Notes on Sources
484-493 Doctoral Dissertations
494-496 Trivia
1980, Vol. 37, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
79-199Forrest McDonald and Ellen Shapiro McDonaldThe Ethnic Origins of the American People, 1790
200-218Lester H. CohenExplaining the Revolution: Ideology and Ethics in Mercy Otis Warren's Historical Theory
219-241George SelementPublication and the Puritan Minister
242-260Robert de V. Brunkow Officeholding in Providence, Rhode Island, 1646 to 1686: A Quantitative Analysis
Notes and Documents
261-285Stephen J. Stein"For Their Spiritual Good": The Northampton, Massachusetts, Prayer Bids of the 1730s and 1740s
286-301Charles W. MignonChrist the Glory of All Types: The Initial Sermon from Edward Taylor's "Upon the Types of the Old Testament"
302-311Walter Holzinger Stephen Sayre and Frederick the Great: A Proposal for a Prussian Protectorate for Dominica (1777)
312-313 Trivia
1980, Vol. 37, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-28F. Nwabueze OkoyeChattel Slavery as the Nightmare of the American Revolutionaries
29-52A. G. RoeberAuthority, Law, and Custom: The Rituals of Court Day in Tidewater, Virginia, 1720 to 1750
53-78Donna MerwickDutch Townsmen and Land Use: A Spatial Perspective on Seventeenth-Century Albany, New York
79-102Jeffrey J. CrowSlave Rebelliousness and Social Conflict in North Carolina, 1775 to 1802
Notes and Documents
103-124Francis J. BremerIn Defense of Regicide: John Cotton on the Execution of Charles I
125-135Helen Saltzberg Saltman John Adams's Earliest Essays: The Humphrey Ploughjogger Letters
136-138 Trivia
1979, Vol. 36, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
503-523Ronald HamowyJefferson and the Scottish Enlightenment: A Critique of Garry Wills's Inventing America: Jefferson's Declaration of Independence
524-547Peter N. Moogk"Thieving Buggers" and "Stupid Sluts": Insults and Popular Culture in New France
548-570James H. Merrell Cultural Continuity among the Piscataway Indians of Colonial Maryland
571-592Dennis P. RyanLandholding, Opportunity, and Mobility in Revolutionary New Jersey
Notes and Documents
593-601Don Higginbotham and William S. Price, Jr.Was It Murder for a White Man to Kill a Slave? Chief Justice Martin Howard Condemns the Peculiar Institution in North Carolina
602-614John Hammond MooreTheophilus Harris's Thoughts on Emigrating to America in 1793
615-617 Trivia
1979, Vol. 36, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
325-352Wilcomb E. WashburnSamuel Eliot Morison, Historian
353-372Mukhtar Ali Isani Far from "Gambia's Golden Shore": The Black in the Late Eighteenth-Century American Imaginative Literature
373-395Rudolph M. BellMr. Madison's War and Long-Term Congressional Voting Behavior
Notes and Documents
396-427Douglas GreenbergThe Middle Colonies in Recent American Historiography
428-435Gary B. Nash The New York Census of 1737: A Critical Note on the Integration of Statistical and Literary Sources
436-448Jeanne A. OjalaIra Allen and the French Directory, 1796: Plans for the Creation of the Republic of United Columbia
449-458  Doctoral Dissertations
459-461 Trivia
1979, Vol. 36, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
163-193Charles Royster "The Nature of Treason": Revolutionary Virtue and American Reactions to Benedict Arnold
194-214James R. FergusonReason in Madness: The Political Thought of James Otis
215-235Charles F. Hobson The Negative on State Laws: James Madison, the Constitution, and the Crisis of Republican Government
Notes and Documents
236-254Gerald F. Moran Religious Renewal, Puritan Tribalism, and the Family in Seventeenth-Century Milford, Connecticut
255-263Richard N. SheldonEditing a Historical Manuscript: Jared Sparks, Douglas Southall Freeman, and the Battle of Brandywine
264-277David W. GalensonThe Social Origins of Some Early Americans: Rejoinder
277-286Mildred CampbellThe Social Origins of Some Early Americans: Reply
287-289 Trivia
1979, Vol. 36, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-26Ralph Lerner Commerce and Character: The Anglo-American as New-Model Man
27-50David A. BohmerStability and Change in Early National Politics: The Maryland Voter and the Election of 1800
51-77Peter C. Hoffer and N. E. H. HullPower and Precedent in the Creation of an American Impeachment Tradition: The Eighteenth-Century Colonial Record
78-100Philip F. GuraThe Radical Ideology of Samuel Gorton: New Light on the Relation of English to American Puritanism
101-117Charles G. SteffenChanges in the Organization of Artisan Production in Baltimore, 1790 to 1820
118-119 Trivia
1978, Vol. 35, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
605-628Drew R. McCoy Benjamin Franklin's Vision of a Republican Political Economy for America
629-652Peter E. Russell Redcoats in the Wilderness: British Officers and Irregular Warfare in Europe and America, 1740 to 1760
653-667Peter C. Hoffer and N. E. H. HullThe First American Impeachments
Notes and Documents
668-690G. B. Warden Law Reform in England and New England, 1620 to 1660
691-732Richard R. JohnsonPolitics Redefined: An Assessment of Recent Writings on the Late Stuart Period of English History, 1660 to 1714
733-735 Trivia
1978, Vol. 35, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
423-454John Sainsbury The Pro-Americans of London, 1769 to 1782
455-476Richard R. Beeman Social Change and Cultural Conflict in Virginia: Lunenberg County, 1746 to 1774
477-498Charles W. Akers Religion and the American Revolution: Samuel Cooper and the Brattle Street Church
Notes and Documents
499-524David W. Galenson"Middling People" or "Common Sort"?: The Social Origins of Some Early Americans Reexamined
525-540 Mildred Campbell's Response
541-555 Doctoral Dissertations
556-559 Trivia
1978, Vol. 35, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
185-225Peter H. Wood"I Did the Best I Could for My Day": The Study of Early Black History during the Second Reconstruction, 1960 to 1976
226-259Allan KulikoffThe Origins of Afro-American Society in Tidewater Maryland and Virginia, 1700 to 1790
260-286Sarah S. HughesSlaves for Hire: The Allocation of Black Labor in Elizabeth City County, Virginia, 1782 to 1810
287-307Barbara Klamon KopytoffThe Early Political Development of Jamaican Maroon Societies
308-323David Barry Gaspar The Antigua Slave Conspiracy of 1736: A Case Study of the Origins of Collective Resistance
324-356Michael Craton Hobbesian or Panglossian? The Two Extremes of Slave Conditions in the British Caribbean, 1783 to 1834
Notes and Documents
357-374Herbert S. Klein and Stanley L. EngermanFertility Differentials between Slaves in the United States and the British West Indies: A Note on Lactation Practices and Their Possible Implications
375-394James G. LydonNew York and the Slave Trade, 1700 to 1774
395 Trivia
1978, Vol. 35, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-32James A. HenrettaFamilies and Farms: Mentalité in Pre-Industrial America
33-56Stephen InnesLand Tenancy and Social Order in Springfield, Massachusetts, 1652 to 1702
57-84Alden T. Vaughan"Expulsion of the Salvages": English Policy and the Virginia Massacre of 1622
Notes and Documents
85-99Dorothy MedlinThomas Jefferson, André Morellet, and the French Version of Notes on the State of Virginia
100-109Ruth BoginNew Jersey's True Policy: The Radical Republican Vision of Abraham Clark
110-144James AxtellThe Ethnohistory of Early America: A Review Essay
45-146 Trivia
1977, Vol. 34, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
519-541Harry S. StoutReligion, Communications, and the Ideological Origins of the American Revolution
542-571Lois Green Carr and Lorena S. Walsh The Planter's Wife: The Experience of White Women in Seventeenth-Century Maryland
572-589Joseph A. Conforti Samuel Hopkins and the New Divinity: Theology, Ethics, and Social Reform in Eighteenth-Century New England
590-617William StinchcombeThe Diplomacy of the WXYZ Affair
Notes and Documents
618-631Harvey H. JacksonThe Darien Antislavery Petition of 1739 and the Georgia Plan
632-646A. Roger Ekirch "A New Government of Liberty": Hermon Husband's Vision of Backcountry North Carolina, 1755
647-650James P. Whittenburg"The Common Farmer (Number 2)": Herman Husband's Plan for Peace between the United States and the Indians, 1792
651-653 Trivia
1977, Vol. 34, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
353-374Peter Onuf Toward Federalism: Virginia, Congress, and the Western Lands
375-403Stephen Foster The Faith of a Separatist Layman: The Authorship, Context, and Significance of the Cry of a Stone
404-425Anthony F. C. Wallace and David J. JeremyWilliam Pollard and the Arkwright Patents
426-445Catherine M. Scholten "On the Importance of the Obstetrick Art": Changing Customs of Childbirth in America, 1760 to 1825
Notes and Documents
446-452Arlin I. Ginsburg The Franchise in Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts: Ipswich
453-458Robert E. Wall The Franchise in Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts: Dedham and Cambridge
459-473 Doctoral Dissertations
474-476 Trivia
1977, Vol. 34, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
183-214Michael Zuckerman The Fabrication of Identity in Early America
215-238James P. Whittenburg Planters, Merchants, and Lawyers: Social Change and the Origins of the North Carolina Regulation
239-257T. H. Breen Horses and Gentlemen: The Cultural Significance of Gambling among the Gentry of Virginia
258-280William M. Wiecek The Statutory Law of Slavery and Race in the Thirteen Mainland Colonies of British America
Notes and Documents
281-297I. K. SteeleA London Trader and the Atlantic Empire: Joseph Cruttenden, Apothecary, 1710 to 1717
298-306Peter C. Hoffer and N. E. H. Hull"To Determine on the Future Government": Robert Yates's Plan of Union, 1774-1775
307-309 Trivia
1977, Vol. 34, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
1-31Stephen Saunders Webb Army and Empire: English Garrison Government in Britian and America, 1569 to 1763
32-65Richard S. Dunn A Tale of Two Plantations: Slave Life at Mesopotamia in Jamaica and Mount Airy in Virginia, 1799 to 1828
66-82James P. Ronda "We Are Well As We Are": An Indian Critique of Seventeenth-Century Christian Missions
83-103Bruce C. Daniels Connecticut's Villages Become Mature Towns: The Complexity of Local Institutions, 1676 to 1776
Notes and Documents
104-129J. Frederick Fausz and John Kukla A Letter of Advice to the Governor of Virginia, 1624
130-132 Trivia
1976, Vol. 33, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
557-585J. C. A. Stagg James Madison and the "Malcontents": The Political Origins of the War of 1812
586-614Nancy F. Cott Divorce and the Changing Status of Women in Eighteenth-Century Massachusetts
615-641Richard B. Sheridan The Crisis of Slave Subsistence in the British West Indies during and after the American Revolution
Notes and Documents
642-660Norman S. FieringThe Transatlantic Republic of Letters: A Note on the Circulation of Learned Periodicals to Early Eighteenth-Century America
661-667George David RappaportThe First Description of the Bank of North America
668 Trivia
1976, Vol. 33, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
357-385Rhys IsaacDramatizing the Ideology of Revolution: Popular Mobilization in Virginia, 1774 to 1776
386-409Mary Beth Norton Eighteenth-Century American Women in Peace and War: The Case of the Loyalists
410-434Stephen Brobeck Revolutionary Change in Colonial Philadelphia: The Brief Life of the Proprietary Gentry
435-464J. A. Leo Lemay The American Origins of "Yankee Doodle"
Notes and Documents
465-480Richard D. Brown The Founding Fathers of 1776 and 1787: A Collective View
481-500A. A. Fursenko and Gilbert H. McArthurThe American and French Revolutions Compared: The View from the U.S.S.R.
501-513T. M. DevineA Glasgow Tobacco Merchant during the American War of Independence: Alexander Speirs of Elderslie, 1775 to 1781
514-527Theodore M. HammettRevolutionary Ideology in Massachusetts: Thomas Allen's "Vindication" of the Berkshire Constitutionalists, 1778
528-530 Trivia
1976, Vol. 33, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
183-211Alan D. WatsonThe Quitrent System in Royal South Carolina
212-241B. Katherine Brown The Controversy over the Franchise in Puritan Massachusetts, 1954 to 1974
242-265John Demos John Godfrey and His Neighbors: Witchcraft and the Social Web in Colonial Massachusetts
266-288John B. Frantz The Awakening of Religion among the German Settlers in the Middle Colonies
Notes and Documents
289-299Alfred W. Crosby Virgin Soil Epidemics as a Factor in the Aboriginal Depopulation in America
300-308P. G. ScottJames Blair and the Scottish Church: A New Source
309-314Norman K. RisjordThe Compromise of 1790: New Evidence on the Dinner Table Bargain
315-330Christine M. Lizanich "The March of This Government": Joel Barlow's Unwritten History of the United States
331-334 Trivia
1976, Vol. 33, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-30Gary B. NashPoverty and Poor Relief in Pre-Revolutionary Philadelphia
31-60Darrett B. Rutman and Anita H. RutmanOf Agues and Fevers: Malaria in the Early Chesapeake
61-88Charles A. LofgrenCompulsory Military Service under the Constitution: The Original Understanding
Notes and Documents
89-126Michael J. CrawfordThe Spiritual Travels of Nathan Cole
127-140Warren M. BillingsA Quaker in Seventeenth-Century Virginia: Four Remonstrances by George Wilson
141-142 Trivia
143-153Paula A. Treckel and James Axtell Letters to the Editor
1975, Vol. 32, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
547-580William G. McLoughlinThomas Jefferson and the Beginning of Cherokee Nationalism, 1806 to 1809
581-600Lawrence Delbert CressWhither Columbia? Congressional Residence and the Politics of the New Nation, 1776 to 1787
601-618Virginia Bever Platt"And Don't Forget the Guinea Voyage": The Slave Trade of Aaron Lopez of Newport
Notes and Documents
619-624William StinchcombeA Note on Silas Deane's Death
625-629Larry R. Gerlach and Michael L. NichollsThe Mormon Genealogical Society and Research Opportunities in Early American History
630-631 Trivia
1975, Vol. 32, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
369-392Jacob E. CookeTench Coxe, Alexander Hamilton, and the Encouragement of American Manufactures
417-442Robert A. BeckerWilliam Duer and the Business of Government in the Era of the American Revolution
393-416Robert F. JonesRevolution and Reform: An Interpretation of Southern Taxation, 1763 to 1783
443-464Gerard ClarfieldProtecting the Frontiers: Defense Policy and the Tariff Question in the First Washington Administration
Notes and Documents
465-474Stephen W. StathisDr. Barton's Case and the Monroe Precedent of 1818
475-480Thomas P. GovanAlexander Hamilton and Julius Caesar: A Note on the Use of Historical Evidence
481-494Jack P. GreeneSocial Structure and Political Behavior in Revolutionary America: John Day's Remarks on American Affairs
495 Trivia
1975, Vol. 32, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
191-222Marc Egnal The Economic Development of the Thirteen Continental Colonies, 1720 to 1775
223-260J. F. Maclear New England and the Fifth Monarchy: The Quest for the Millennium in Early American Puritanism
261-294Catherine M. PrelingerBenjamin Franklin and the American Prisoners of War in England during the American Revolution
Notes and Documents
295-306Elaine G. BreslawWit, Whimsy, and Politics: The Uses of Satire by the Tuesday Club of Annapolis, 1744 to 1756
307-325Jacob M. PriceNew Time Series for Scotland's and Britain's Trade with the Thirteen Colonies and States, 1740 to 1791
326-328 Trivia
1975, Vol. 32, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-28T. H. Breen Persistent Localism: English Social Change and the Shaping of New England Institutions
29-54Russell R. Menard The Maryland Slave Population, 1658 to 1730: A Demographic Profile of Blacks in Four Counties
55-88James Axtell The White Indians of Colonial America
Notes and Documents
89-99Gloria L. MainProbate Records as a Source for Early American History
100-110Daniel Scott SmithUnderregistration and Bias in Probate Records: An Analysis of Data from Eighteenth-Century Hingham, Massachusetts
111-124Carla H. HayBenjamin Franklin, James Burgh, and the Authorship of "The Colonist's Advocate" Letters
125-127 Trivia
1974, Vol. 31, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
533-564J. M. Bumsted "Things in the Womb of Time": Ideas of American Independence, 1633 to 1763
565-588R. A. Ryerson Political Mobilization and the American Revolution: The Resistance Movement in Philadelphia, 1765 to 1776
589-612John K. Alexander The Fort Wilson Incident of 1779: A Case Study of the Revolutionary Crowd
613-632Norman K. Risjord Virginians and the Constitution: A Multivariant Analysis
Notes and Documents
633-646Drew R. McCoyRepublicanism and American Foreign Policy: James Madison and the Political Economy of Commercial Discrimination, 1789 to 1794
647-652James AxtellThe Vengeful Women of Marblehead: Robert Roules's Deposition of 1677
653-671Hermann Wellenreuther, Fred Siegel, Joseph A. Ernst and H. Roy MerrensUrbanization in the Colonial South: A Critique
672 Trivia
1974, Vol. 31, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
345-368Rhys Isaac Evangelical Revolt: The Nature of the Baptists' Challenge to the Traditional Order in Virginia, 1765 to 1775
369-406Bruce E. Steiner Anglican Officeholding in Pre-Revolutionary Connecticut: The Parameters of New England Community
407-430Nathan O. Hatch The Origins of Civil Millennialism in America: New England Clergymen, War with France, and the Revolution
431-452Jon Butler"Gospel Order Improved": The Keithian Schism and the Exercise of Quaker Ministerial Authority in Pennsylvania
Notes and Documents
453-464George SelementPerry Miller: A Note on His Sources in The New England Mind: The Seventeenth Century
465-480Ross W. Beales, Jr.The Half-Way Covenant and Religious Scrupulosity: The First Church of Dorchester, Massachusetts, as a Test Case
481-490J. William T. Youngs, Jr.Congregational Clericalism: New England Ordinations before the Great Awakening
491-492 Trivia
1974, Vol. 31, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
167-188Lance BanningRepublican Ideology and the Triumph of the Constitution, 1789 to 1793
189-224Charles B. DewDavid Ross and the Oxford Iron Works: A Study of Industrial Slavery in the Early Nineteenth-Century South
225-242Warren M. BillingsThe Growth of Political Institutions in Virginia, 1634 to 1676
Notes and Documents
243-254K. R. AndrewsEnglish Voyages to the Caribbean, 1596 to 1604: An Annotated List
255-272Theodore B. Lewis Land Speculation and the Dudley Council of 1686
273-298C. Edward Skeen and Richard H. KohnThe Newburgh Conspiracy Reconsidered
299-308Gordon S. Wood The Authorship of the Letters from the Federal Farmer
309-310 Trivia
1974, Vol. 31, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-26Calvin Martin The European Impact on the Culture of a Northeastern Algonquian Tribe: An Ecological Interpretation
27-54Neal SalisburyRed Puritans: The "Praying Indians" of Massachusetts Bay and John Eliot
55-78Lyle KoehlerThe Case of the American Jezebels: Anne Hutchinson and Female Agitation during the Years of Antinomian Turmoil, 1636-1640
79-110Linda Auwers BissellFrom One Generation to Another: Mobility in Seventeenth-Century Windsor, Connecticut
Notes and Documents
111-122R. A. BowlerSir Henry Clinton and Army Profiteering: A Neglected Aspect of the Clinton-Cornwallis Controversy
123-132Wilbur R. JacobsThe Tip of an Iceberg: Pre-Columbian Indian Demography and Some Implications for Revisionism
133-138Frank Whitson FetterThe Revision of the Declaration of Independence in 1941
139-141 Trivia
1973, Vol. 30, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
549-574Joseph A. Ernst and H. Roy Merrens"Camden's turrets pierce the skies!": The Urban Process in the Southern Colonies during the Eighteenth Century
575-598Nicholas P. CannyThe Ideology of English Colonization: From Ireland to America
599-624John J. McCuskerWeights and Measures in the Colonial Sugar Trade: The Gallon and the Pound and Their International Equivalents
Notes and Documents
625-634Theodore B. Lewis and Linda M. WebbVoting for the Massachusetts Council of Assistants, 1674-1686: A Statistical Note
635-644Gilman M. OstranderThe Making of the Triangular Trade Myth
645-652Lester B. SchererA New Look at Personal Slavery Established
653-655Jan KuppDutch Notarial Acts Relating to the Tobacco Trade of Virginia, 1608-1653
656-657 Trivia
1973, Vol. 30, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
375-400Lester J. CapponAmerican Historical Editors before Jared Sparks: "they will plant a forest..."
401-422William F. WillinghamDeference Democracy and Town Government in Windham, Connecticut, 1755 to 1786
423-448Owen S. Ireland The Ethnic-Religious Dimension of Pennsylvania Politics, 1778-1779
Notes and Documents
449-466T. H. BreenGeorge Donne's "Virginia Reviewed": A 1638 Plan to Reform Colonial Society
467-474Warren M. BillingsThe Cases of Fernando and Elizabeth Key: A Note on the Status of Blacks in Seventeenth-Century Virginia
475-488Douglas C. Stenerson An Anglican Critique of the Early Phase of the Great Awakening in New England: A Letter by Timothy Cutler
489-490 Trivia
1973, Vol. 30, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
189-222T. H. Breen and Stephen Foster Moving to the New World: The Character of Early Massachusetts Immigration
223-256Gary B. Nash Slaves and Slaveowners in Colonial Philadelphia
257-292Paul R. Lucas "An Appeal to the Learned": The Mind of Solomon Stoddard
Notes and Documents
293-306Jack P. Greene William Knox's Explanation for the American Revolution
307-323H. James Henderson Quantitative Approaches to Party Formation in the United States Congress: A Comment
323-324Mary P. Ryan Quantitative Approaches to Party Formation in the United States Congress: Mary P. Ryan's Reply
325-326 Trivia
1973, Vol. 30, No. 1 — Chesapeake Society
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-36Rhys Isaac Religion and Authority: Problems of the Anglican Establishment in Virginia in the Era of the Great Awakening and the Parsons' Cause
37-64Russell R. Menard From Servant to Freeholder: Status Mobility and Property Accumulation in Seventeenth-Century Maryland
65-92Irene W. D. Hecht The Virginia Muster of 1624/5 As a Source for Demographic History
93-116David Curtis Skaggs Thomas Cradock and the Chesapeake Golden Age
Notes and Documents
117-132Edward C. Papenfuse and Gregory A. StiversonGeneral Smallwood's Recruits: The Peacetime Career of the Revolutionary War Private
133-146Fredrika Teute Schmidt and Barbara Ripel WilhelmEarly Proslavery Petitions in Virginia
147-148 Trivia
1972, Vol. 29, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
515-558Norman S. Fiering Will and Intellect in the New England Mind
559-586Martin S. Pernick Politics, Parties, and Pestilence: Epidemic Yellow Fever in Philadelphia and the Rise of the First Party System
587-610James R. Beasley Emerging Republicanism and the Standing Order: The Appropriation Act Controversy in Connecticut, 1793 to 1795
Notes and Documents
611-622William Gribbin Rollin's Histories and American Republicanism
623-634Stephen J. Stein A Notebook on the Apocalypse by Jonathan Edwards
635-636 Trivia
1972, Vol. 29, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
335-366James Axtell The Scholastic Philosophy of the Wilderness
367-390Ronald L. Hatzenbuehler Party Unity and the Decision for War in the House of Representatives, 1812
391-414Robert F. Scholz Clerical Consociation in Massachusetts Bay: Reassessing the New England Way and Its Origins
415-442Robert V. Wells and Michael Zuckerman Quaker Marriage Patterns in a Colonial Perspective
Notes and Documents
443-460David Grayson Allen The Zuckerman Thesis and the Process of Legal Rationalization in Provincial Massachusetts
461-468Michael Zuckerman The Zuckerman Thesis and the Process of Legal Rationalization in Provincial Massachusetts: Michael Zuckerman's Reply
469-478Alden T. VaughanBlacks in Virginia: A Note on the First Decade
479-486Wesley Frank CravenA New Edition of the Works of John Smith
487-489Henry Abelove Jonathan Edward's Letter of Invitation to George Whitefield
490-491 Trivia
1972, Vol. 29, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
197-230Gary B. Nash The Image of the Indian in the Southern Colonial Mind
231-262Robert F. Berkhofer, Jr.Jefferson, the Ordinance of 1784, and the Origins of the American Territorial System
263-280Linda K. KerberScience in the Early Republic: The Society for the Study of Natural Philosophy
Notes and Documents
281-290Richard H. Werking "Reformation Is Our Only Preservation": Cotton Mather and Salem Witchcraft
291-300Sargent Bush, Jr.Thomas Hooker and the Westminster Assembly
301-306Philip L. BarbourA Possible Clue to Samuel Argall's Pre-Jamestown Activities
307-308 Trivia
1972, Vol. 29, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-32Marc Egnal and Joseph A. Ernst An Economic Interpretation of the American Revolution
33-48E. Brooks Holifield The Renaissance of Sacramental Piety in Colonial New England
49-80Robert E. Shalhope Toward a Republican Synthesis: The Emergence of an Understanding of Republicanism in American Historiography
Notes and Documents
81-98B. Richard Burg A Letter of Richard Mather to a Cleric in Old England
99-108Melvin H. Buxbaum Cyrus Bustill Addresses the Blacks of Philadelphia
109-142Jesse Lemisch and John K. AlexanderThe White Oaks, Jack Tar, and the Concept of the "Inarticulate"
143-158Paul David NelsonHoratio Gates at Newburgh, 1783: A Misunderstood Role
159-160 Trivia
1971, Vol. 28, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
523-542Mary P. Ryan Party Formation in the United States Congress, 1789 to 1796: A Quantitative Analysis
543-562James Walsh The Great Awakening in the First Congregational Church of Woodbury, Connecticut
563-584Howard A. Ohline Republicanism and Slavery: Origins of the Three-Fifths Clause in the United States Constitution
Notes and Documents
585-594David Brion Davis New Sidelights on Early Antislavery Radicalism
595-606Bonnie S. Stadelman Flora and Fauna versus Mice and Mold
607-628John J. McCusker The Current Value of English Exports, 1697 to 1800
629-648Kenneth R. Bowling Dinner at Jefferson's: A Note on Jacob E. Cooke's "The Compromise of 1790"
649-652 Trivia
1971, Vol. 28, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
349-374Emory G. Evans Private Indebtedness and the Revolution in Virginia, 1776 to 1796
375-412Allan Kulikoff The Progress of Inequality in Revolutionary Boston
413-438J. M. Bumsted A Caution to Erring Christians: Ecclesiastical Disorder on Cape Cod, 1717 to 1738
Notes and Documents
439-484Stanley N. Katz A New York Mission to England: The London Letters of Lewis Morris to James Alexander, 1735 to 1736
485-486 Trivia
1971, Vol. 28, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
169-198Edmund S. Morgan The First American Boom: Virginia 1618 to 1630
199-236Norman S. Fiering President Samuel Johnson and the Circle of Knowledge
237-266Alan B. Howard Art and History in Bradford's of Plymouth Plantation
267-286Joyce Appleby America as a Model for the Radical French Reformers of 1789
Notes and Documents
287-300Patricia A. Molen Population and Social Patterns in Barbados in the Early Eighteenth Century
301-309Paul LucasA Note on the Comparative Study of the Structure of Politics in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Britain and Its American Colonies
310-311 Trivia
1971, Vol. 28, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-25James H. Hutson An Investigation of the Inarticulate: Philadelphia's White Oaks
26-45Joseph J. Ellis III The Puritan Mind in Transition: The Philosophy of Samuel Johnson
46-63Jerome J. Nadelhaft Politics and the Judicial Tenure Fight in Colonial New Jersey
64-85Cecelia Tichi Spiritual Biography and the "Lords Remembrancers"
Notes and Documents
86-102Herbert S. Klein North American Competition and the Characteristics of the African Slave Trade to Cuba, 1790 to 1794
103-120Mary Beth Norton John Randolph's "Plan of Accommodations"
121-127Lester J. Cappon The Case for a New Historical Atlas of Early America
128 Trivia
1970, Vol. 27, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
523-545Jacob E. Cooke The Compromise of 1790
546-580Edward M. Cook, Jr. Social Behavior and Changing Values in Dedham, Massachusetts, 1700 to 1775
581-614Sung Bok Kim A New Look at the Great Landlords of Eighteenth-Century New York
615-629Anne Kusener NelsenKing Philip's War and the Hubbard-Mather Rivalry
Notes and Documents
630-653David Curtis SkaggsThomas Cradock's Sermon on the Governance of Maryland's Established Church
654-656 Trivia
1970, Vol. 27, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
347-378Stuart BrucheyAlexander Hamilton and the State Banks, 1789 to 1795
379-410David M. GriffithsAmerican Commercial Diplomacy in Russia, 1780 to 1783
411-434John C. RainboltThe Alteration in the Relationship between Leadership and Constituents in Virginia, 1660 to 1720
435-459Jesper Rosenmeier New England's Perfection: The Image of Adam and the Image of Christ in the Antinomian Crisis, 1634 to 1638
Notes and Documents
460-474Timothy H. BreenWho Governs: The Town Franchise in Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts
475-476 Trivia
1970, Vol. 27, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
187-220Richard H. Kohn The Inside History of the Newburgh Conspiracy: America and the Coup d'Etat
221-245James Morton Smith The Grass Roots Origins of the Kentucky Resolutions
246-267H. James Henderson Congressional Factionalism and the Attempt to Recall Benjamin Franklin
Notes and Documents
268-281David B. QuinnThomas Hariot and the Virginia Voyages of 1602
282-294Robert Higgs and H. Louis Stettler, IIIColonial New England Demography: A Sampling Approach
295-309Collamer M. AbbottColonial Copper Mines
310-311 Trivia
1970, Vol. 27, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-35Pauline MaierPopular Uprisings and Civil Authority in Eighteenth-Century America
68-89Michael McGiffertAmerican Puritan Studies in the 1960's
36-67Roy N. LokkenThe Social Thought of James Logan
90-121Robert J. ChaffinThe Townshend Acts of 1767
Notes and Documents
122-135Bruce E. SteinerNew England Anglicanism: A Genteel Faith?
136-144Robert Emmet Wall, Jr.The Masschusetts Bay Colony Franchise in 1647
145 Trivia
1969, Vol. 26, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
473-501Robert M. Weir "The Harmony We Were Famous For": An Interpretation of Pre-Revolutionary South Carolina Politics
502-520Robert M. Zemsky Power, Influence, and Status: Leadership Patterns in the Massachusetts Assembly, 1740-1755
521-547Robert J. Taylor Trial at Trenton
548-577Virginia Bever Platt The East India Company and the Madagascar Slave Trade
Notes and Documents
578-585Winthrop S. Hudson William Penn's English Liberties: Tract for Several Times
586-595Virginia White Fitz Ralph Wormeley: Anonymous Essayist
596-600Norman E. Saul The Beginnings of American-Russian Trade, 1763-1766
601-603 Trivia
1969, Vol. 26, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
323-326Wilcomb E. WashburnDedication
327-359Bernard W. SheehanParadise and the Noble Savage in Jeffersonian Thought
360-372Ira D. Gruber The American Revolution as a Conspiracy: The British View
373-415Stephen Saunders Webb William Blathwayt, Imperial Fixer: Muddling Through to Empire, 1689-1717
Notes and Documents
416-424Page Smith Anxiety and Despair in American History
425-440Arthur Pierce MiddletonThe Colonial Virginia Parson
441 Trivia
1969, Vol. 26, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
169-190John D. CushingNotes on Disestablishment in Massachusetts, 1780-1833
191-217John D. RuncieThe Problem of Anglo-American Politics in Bellomont's New York
218-240Marvin L. Michael KayThe Payment of Provincial and Local Taxes in North Carolina, 1748-1771
241-252Richard C. SimmonsThe Founding of the Third Church in Boston
Notes and Documents
253-258Mack ThompsonMassachusetts and New York Stamp Acts
259-265D. H. WatsonWilliam Baker's Account of the Debate on the Repeal of the Stamp Act
266 Trivia
1969, Vol. 26, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-30Richard S. Dunn The Barbados Census of 1680: Profile of the Richest Colony in English America
31-46G. H. Guttridge Thomas Pownall's The Administration of the Colonies: The Six Editions
47-74Robert M. Calhoon and Robert M. Weir"The Scandalous History of Sir Egerton Leigh"
75-93William Howland Kenney, 3dGeorge Whitefield, Dissenter Priest of the Great Awakening, 1739-1741
Notes and Documents
94-104Richard D. BrownThe Massachusetts Convention of Towns, 1768
105-108Calhoun WintonJeremiah Dummer: The "First American"?
109 Trivia
1968, Vol. 25, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
523-544Michael Zuckerman The Social Context of Democracy in Massachusetts
545-586C. Ray Keim Primogeniture and Entail in Colonial Virginia
587-604Patrick J. FurlongThe Origins of the House Committee of Ways and Means
Notes and Documents
605-613Stephen G. KurtzThe Political Science of John Adams: A Guide to His Statecraft
614-624Arthur ZilversmitQuok Walker, Mumbet, and the Abolition of Slavery in Massachusetts
625-628Philip L. Barbour A Note on the Discovery of the Original Will of Captain John Smith: With a Verbatim Transcription
629-630 Trivia
1968, Vol. 25, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
343-370C. Vann Woodward The Southern Ethic in a Puritan World
371-407Jesse LemischJack Tar in the Streets: Merchant Seamen in the Politics of Revolutionary America
408-431Jesper RosenmeierThe Teacher and the Witness: John Cotton and Roger Williams
432-451Herbert A. Johnson and David Syrett Some Nice Sharp Quillets of the Customs Law: The New York Affair, 1763-1767
Notes and Documents
452-464Thomas C. Barrow The American Revolution as a Colonial War for Independence
465-474Paul Goodman Social Status of Party Leadership: The House of Representatives, 1797-1804
475-476 Trivia
1968, Vol. 25, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
155-176Timothy L. Smith Congregation, State and Denomination: The Forming of the American Religious Structure
177-211Joseph Albert Ernst The Currency Act Repeal Movement: A Study of Imperial Politics and Revolutionary Crisis, 1764-1767
212-229Richard G. LoweMassachusetts and the Acadians
230-244Geraldine MeroneyThe London Entrepôt Merchants and the Georgia Colony
Notes and Documents
245-258Eugene R. FingerhutUses and Abuses of the American Loyalists' Claims: A Critique of Quantitative Analyses
259-277Paul H. SmithThe American Loyalists: Notes on Their Organization and Numerical Strength
278-279 Trivia
1968, Vol. 25, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-21Stephen Saunders Webb William Blathwayt, Imperial Fixer: From Popish Plot to Glorious Revolution
22-39Richard D. BrownMassachusetts Towns Reply to the Boston Committee of Correspondence, 1773
40-57John Demos Families in Colonial Bristol, Rhode Island: An Exercise in Historical Demography
58-84William D. Barber "Among the Most Techy Articles of Civil Police": Federal Taxation and the Adoption of the Whiskey Excise
Notes and Documents
85-108Durand EcheverriaCondorcet's The Influence of the American Revolution on Europe
109-110 Trivia
1967, Vol. 24, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
501-542James T. Lemon Urbanization and the Development of Eighteenth-Century Southeastern Pennsylvania and Adjacent Delaware
543-567John J. Waters and John A. Schutz Patterns of Massachusetts Colonial Politics: The Writs of Assistance and the Rivalry between the Otis and Hutchinson Families
568-587Robert L. Ganyard Radicals and Conservatives in Revolutionary North Carolina: A Point at Issue, The October Election, 1776
588-612J. M. BumstedRevivalism and Separatism in New England: The First Society of Norwich, Connecticut, as a Case Study
Notes and Documents
613-623Stephen Foster The Massachusetts Franchise in the Seventeenth Century
624-628Alfred Owen Aldridge The First Published Memoir of Franklin
629-631 Trivia
1967, Vol. 24, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
339-358Robin Brooks Alexander Hamilton, Melancton Smith, and the Ratification of the Constitution in New York
359-377J. H. BennettThe English Caribbees in the Period of the Civil War, 1642-1646
378-396B. Katherine BrownPuritan Democracy in Dedham, Massachusetts: Another Case Study
397-422Sheldon S. CohenThe Diary of Jeremiah Dummer
Notes and Documents
423-431Samuel J. Hurwitz and Edith F. HurwitzA Token of Freedom: Private Bill Legislation for Free Negroes in Eighteenth-Century Jamaica
432-436Patrick J. FurlongJohn Rutledge, Jr., and the Election of a Speaker of the House in 1799
437 Trivia
1967, Vol. 24, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
169-189Richard B. MorrisThe Spacious Empire of Lawrence Henry Gipson
190-223Caroline RobbinsAbsolute Liberty: The Life and Thought of William Popple, 1638-1708
224-242Robert C. Twombly and Robert H. Moore Black Puritan: The Negro in Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts
243-266John H. Coatsworth American Trade with European Colonies in the Caribbean and South America, 1790-1812
Notes and Documents
267-283William G. McLoughlin The Balkcom Case (1782) and the Pietistic Theory of Separation of Church and State
284-287Lawrence S. KaplanJonathan Russell and the Capture of the Guerrière
288-291Leo M. Kaiser On Mussi's In virgam Franklinianam
292-293 Trivia
1967, Vol. 24, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-43Edmund S. MorganThe Puritan Ethic and the American Revolution
44-74Joan de Lourdes LeonardOperation Checkmate: The Birth and Death of a Virginia Blueprint for Progress 1660-1676
75-87David GallowayRobert Hayman (1575-1629): Some Materials for the Life of a Colonial Governor and First "Canadian" Author
88-107Paul R. LucasColony or Commonwealth: Massachusetts Bay, 1661-1666
Notes and Documents
108-126Thomas C. BarrowA Project for Imperial Reform: "Hints Respecting the Settlement for our American Provinces," 1763
127-130 Trivia
1966, Vol. 23, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
513-548Stephen Saunders WebbThe Strange Career of Francis Nicholson
549-574Kenneth A. Lockridge and Alan Kreider The Evolution of Massachusetts Town Government, 1640 to 1740
575-595James H. Hutson Benjamin Franklin and the Parliamentary Grant for 1758
596-619I. K. SteeleThe Board of Trade, The Quakers, and Resumption of Colonial Charters, 1699-1702
Notes and Documents
620-626Caroline RobbinsThe "excellent use" of Colonies. A Note on Walter Moyle's Justification of Roman Colonies, ca. 1699
627-634David J. RothmanA Note on the Study of the Colonial Family
635-642Gordon S. WoodA Note on Mobs in the American Revolution
643-645 Trivia
1966, Vol. 23, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
359-390David B. QuinnThe First Pilgrims
391-407Jackson Turner MainGovernment by the People: The American Revolution and the Democratization of the Legislatures
408-430H. A. BartonSweden and the War of American Independence
431-449Fredric M. LittoAddison's Cato in the Colonies
Notes and Documents
450-476Linda K. Kerber and Walter John MorrisPolitics and Literature: The Adams Family and the Port Folio
477-478 Trivia
1966, Vol. 23, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
183-209Gary B. Nash The Framing of Government in Pennsylvania: Ideas in Contact with Reality
210-233Verner W. Crane The Club of Honest Whigs: Friends of Science and Liberty
234-256Philip J. Greven, JrFamily Structure in Seventeeth-Century Andover, Massachusetts
257-272Benjamin H. Newcomb Effects of the Stamp Act on Colonial Pennsylvania Politics
Notes and Documents
273-285J. A. Leo Lemay Hamilton's Literary History of the Maryland Gazette
286-308Edmund S. MorganThe Political Establishments of the United States 1784
309-310 Trivia
1966, Vol. 24, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-32Gordon S. WoodRhetoric and Reality in the American Revolution
33-55M. Eugene SirmansPolitics in Colonial South Carolina: The Failure of Proprietary Reform, 1682-1694
56-75Lester J. CapponA Rationale for Historical Editing: Past and Present
76-105Jere R. DaniellPolitics in New Hampshire under Governor Benning Wentworth, 1741-1767
106-120Gerard ClarfieldPostscript to the Jay Treaty: Timothy Pickering and Anglo-American Relations, 1795-1797
Notes and Documents
121-135J. Keith HorsefieldThe Origins of Blackwell's Model of a Bank
136-145David B. QuinnAdvice for Investors in Virginia, Bermuda, and Newfoundland, 1611
146-147 Trivia
1965, Vol. 22, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
529-548H. Roy MerrensHistorical Geography and Early American History
549-583J. G. A. Pocock Machiavelli, Harrington and English Political Ideologies in the Eighteenth Century
584-610Merrill D. Peterson Thomas Jefferson and Commercial Policy, 1783-1793
611-625Gillian T. Cell The Newfoundland Company: A Study of Subscribers to a Colonizing Venture
Notes and Documents
626-645Paul G. Sifton Otto's Mémoire to Vergennes, 1785
646-651Christopher Collier Continental Bonds in Connecticut on the Eve of the Funding Measure
652-654 Trivia
1965, Vol. 22, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
375-391Thad W. Tate The Social Contract in America, 1774-1787: Revolutionary Theory as a Conservative Instrument
392-412Gary B. Nash The American Clergy and the French Revolution
413-434Peter J. Coleman The Insolvent Debtor in Rhode Island 1745-1828
435-456Beatrice G. Reubens Pre-Emptive Rights in the Disposition of a Confiscated Estate, Philipsburgh Manor, New York
457-470Robert Middlekauff Piety and Intellect in Puritanism
Notes and Documents
471-477Jules Zanger Crime and Punishment in Early Massachusetts
478-485David D. Hall John Cotton's Letter to Samuel Skelton
486-492Lynn Hudson Parsons The Mysterious Mr. Digges
493-495 Trivia
1965, Vol. 22, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
189-224Edwin Wolf The Authorship of the 1774 Address to the King Restudied
225-243Ira D. GruberLord Howe and Lord George Germain, British Politics and the Winning of American Independence
244-263Michael G. KammenThe Colonial Agents, English Politics and the American Revolution
264-286John DemosNotes on Life in Plymouth Colony
Notes and Documents
287-300L. F. S. UptonProceedings of Ye Body Respecting the Tea
301-318R. Carter PittmanJasper Yeates's Notes on the Pennsylvania Ratifying Convention, 1787
319-333George Fenwick JonesVon Reck's Second Report from Georgia
334-335 Trivia
1965, Vol. 22, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-32Kathryn Turner Federalist Policy and the Judiciary Act of 1801
33-74Joseph Albert Ernst Genesis of the Currency Act of 1764: Virginia Paper Money and the Protection of British Investments
75-92James A. Henretta Economic Development and Social Structure in Colonial Boston
93-104Thomas C. Barrow Background to the Grenville Program, 1757-1763
Notes and Documents
105-118Robert M. Calhoon William Smith Jr.'s Alternative to the American Revolution
119-127Paul S. TaylorColonizing Georgia 1732-1752, a Statistical Note
128-130 Trivia
1964, Vol. 21, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
493-515David S. Lovejoy Equality and Empire The New York Charter of Libertyes, 1683
516-533Yvon Bizardel and Howard C. Rice, Jr. "Poor in Love Mr. Short"
534-550Richard D. BrownThe Confiscation and Disposition of Loyalists' Estates in Suffolk County, Massachusetts
551-560Carroll W. Pursell, Jr.Thomas Digges and William Pearce: An Example of the Transit of Technology
561-570John M. Bumsted and Charles E. ClarkNew England's Tom Paine: John Allen and the Spirit of Liberty
Notes and Documents
571-578Carl E. PrincePatronage and a Party Machine: New Jersey Democratic-Republican Activists, 1801-1816
579-588Freeman W. Meyer A Note on the Origins of the "Hamiltonian System"
589-592Elaine F. Crane Publius in the Provinces: Where was "The Federalist" Reprinted Outside New York City?
593-595 Trivia
1964, Vol. 21, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
325-327Arthur M. Schlesinger The Lost Meaning of "The Pursuit of Happiness"
328-351Paul S. BoyerBorrowed Rhetoric: The Massachusetts Excise Controversy of 1754
352-366David SyrettTown-Meeting Politics in Massachusetts, 1776-1786
367-389G. B. WardenThe Proprietary Group in Pennsylvania, 1754-1764
390-407Foster C. NixAndrew Hamilton's Early Years in the American Colonies
Notes and Documents
408-444Margaret M. O'DwyerA French Diplomat's View of Congress, 1790
445-448Donald JacksonOn the Death of Meriwether Lewis's Servant
449-450 Trivia
1964, Vol. 21, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
165-190Richard Buel, Jr.Democracy and the American Revolution: A Frame of Reference
191-235David H. FischerThe Myth of the Essex Junto
236-255Darline Shapiro Ethan Allen: Philosopher-Theologian to a Generation of American Revolutionaries
256-269Alden T. Vaughan Pequots and Puritans: The Causes of the War of 1637
Notes and Documents
270-287Richard L. MerrittThe Colonists Discover America: Attention Patterns in the Colonial Press, 1735-1775
288-297Ernest J. MoyneThe Reverend William Hazlitt: A Friend of Liberty in Ireland during the American Revolution
298-299 Trivia
1964, Vol. 21, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-17Keith B. BerwickA Peculiar Monument: The Third Series of the William and Mary Quarterly
18-39Sidney Kaplan The History of New-Hampshire: Jeremy Belknap as Literary Craftsman
40-52Lawrence W. Towner The Sewall-Saffin Dialogue on Slavery
53-76J. Harry Bennett Cary Helyar, Merchant and Planter of Seventeenth-Century Jamaica
Notes and Documents
77-92Philip L. Barbour The Identity of the First Poles in America
93-117Curtis Carroll Davis "A National Property": Richard Claiborne's Tobacco Treatise for Poland
118-120 Trivia
1963, Vol. 20, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
487-512Richard S. DunnThe Downfall of the Bermuda Company: A Restoration Farce
513-526George D. Langdon, Jr. The Franchise and Political Democracy in Plymouth Colony
527-542James S. Leamon Governor Fletcher's Recall
543-554Franklin B. WickwireJohn Pownall and British Colonial Policy
555-573Oliver W. HolmesShall Stagecoaches Carry the Mail? -- A Debate of The Confederation Period
Notes and Documents
574-584Francis G. JamesIrish Colonial Trade in the Eighteenth Century
585-595D. H. WatsonJoseph Harrison and the Liberty Incident
596 Trivia
1963, Vol. 20, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
331-372Dorothy Burne GoebelThe "New England Trade" and the French West Indies, 1763-1774: A Study in Trade Policies
373-395Pauline Maier John Wilkes and American Disillusionment with Britain
96-415Darrett B. RutmanGovernor Winthrop's Garden Crop: The Significance of Agriculture in the Early Commerce of Massachusetts Bay
416-439Ralph L. Ketcham Conscience, War, and Politics in Pennsylvania, 1755-1757
Notes and Documents
440-451Carlos R. Allen, Jr. David Barrow's Circular Letter of 1798
452-453 Trivia
1963, Vol. 20, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
175-185John W. ShyA New Look at Colonial Militia
186-206Peter H. SmithPolitics and Sainthood: Biography by Cotton Mather
207-222Otho T. Beall, Jr.Aristole's Master Piece in America: A Landmark in the Folklore of Medicine
Notes and Documents
223-245Staughton LyndAbraham Yates's History of the Movement for the United States Constitution
246-250Richard Graewe The American Revolution Comes to Hannover
251-264John Cary Statistical Method and the Brown Thesis on Colonial Democracy
265-276  Robert E. Brown's Rebuttal
277-279 Trivia
1963, Vol. 20, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-32Leonard W. Levy and Lawrence H. Leder"Exotic Fruit": The Right Against Compulsory Self-Incrimination in Colonial New York
33-56Harry AmmonJames Monroe and the Election of 1808 in Virginia
57-79Roger ChampagneFamily Politics versus Constitutional Principles: The New York Assembly Elections of 1768 and 1769
80-94Robert S. Lambert The Confiscation of Loyalist Property in Georgia, 1782-1786
Notes and Documents
95-133Herbert E. Klingelhofer Matthew Ridley's Diary During the Peace Negotiations of 1782
134 Trivia
1962, Vol. 19, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
493-510Norman S. GraboThe Veiled Vision: The Role of Aesthetics in Early American Intellectual History
511-533Emory G. EvansPlanter Indebtedness and the Coming of the Revolution in Virginia
534-556Bruce T. McCullyFrom the North Riding to Morocco: The Early Years of Governor Francis Nicholson, 1655-1686
557-574Philip F. DetweilerThe Changing Reputation of the Declaration of Independence: The First Fifty Years
Notes and Documents
575-600John C. RuleThe Old Regime in America: A Review of Recent Interpretations of France in America
601-604 Trivia
1962, Vol. 19, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
323-343Thad W. TateThe Coming of the Revolution in Virginia: Britain's Challenge to Virginia's Ruling Class, 1763-1776
344-359Lawrence S. KaplanJefferson's Foreign Policy and Napoleon's Idéologues
360-382Sydney V. JamesThe Impact of the American Revolution on Quakers' Ideas about Their Sect
383-399Samuel M. RosenblattThe Significance of Credit in the Tobacco Consignment Trade: A Study of John Norton and Sons, 1768-1775
Notes and Documents
400-407Jacob M. PriceWho Was John Norton? A Note on the Historical Character of Some Eighteenth-Century London Virginia Firms
408-421Darrett B. RutmanGod's Bridge Falling Down: "Another Approach" to New England Puritanism Assayed
422-428Richard C. Simmons Freemanship in Early Massachusetts: Some Suggestions and a Case Study
429-434Stuart Bruchey The Forces behind the Constitution: A Critical Review of the Framework of E. James Ferguson's The Power of the Purse
434-438  E. James Ferguson's Rebuttal
439-440 Trivia
1962, Vol. 19, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
153-182Cecelia M. KenyonRepublicanism and Radicalism in the American Revolution: An Old-Fashioned Interpretation
183-200Winthrop D. JordanAmerican Chiaroscuro: The Status and Definition of Mulattoes in the British Colonies
201-219Lawrence W. Towner "A Fondness for Freedom": Servant Protest in Puritan Society
220-237William R. Taylor A Journey into the Human Mind: Motivation in Francis Parkman's La Salle
Notes and Documents
238-256Bernard Bailyn Butterfield's Adams: Notes for a Sketch
257-268Lester J. Cappon Who Is the Author of History of the Expedition under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark (1814)
269-273 Trivia
1962, Vol. 19, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-29Richard B. MorrisClass Struggle and the American Revolution
30-48Whitney K. BatesNorthern Speculators and Southern State Debts: 1790
49-63Verner W. CraneDr. Thomas Bray and the Charitable Colony Project, 1730
64-85David L. JacobsonJohn Dickinson's Fight Against Royal Government, 1764
Notes and Documents
86-109Milton Cantor A Connecticut Yankee in a Barbary Court: Joel Barlow's Algerian Letters to His Wife
110-111 Trivia
1961, Vol. 18, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
463-484Wilbur Samuel HowellThe Declaration of Independence and Eighteenth-Century Logic
485-518Jack P. Greene and Richard M. JellisonThe Currency Act of 1764 in Imperial-Colonial Relations, 1764-1776
519-545Marion TinlingThomas Lloyd's Reports of the First Federal Congress
546-557John Van de WeteringThomas Prince's Chronological History
Notes and Documents
558-576Ruth M. KeeseyLoyalism in Bergen County, New Jersey
577-578 Trivia
1961, Vol. 18, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
313-329Adrienne Koch Pragmatic Wisdom and the American Enlightenment
330-359Staughton Lynd Who Should Rule at Home? Dutchess County, New York, in the American Revolution
360-372Otho T. Beall, Jr.Cotton Mather's Early "Curiosa Americana" and the Boston Philosophical Society of 1683
373-392M. Eugene SirmansThe South Carolina Royal Council, 1720-1763
Notes and Documents
393-407Robert Polk Thomson The Tobacco Export of the Upper James River Naval District, 1773-75
408-424David L. SterlingA Federalist Opposes the Jay Treaty: The Letters of Samuel Bayard
425-426 Trivia
1961, Vol. 18, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
163-175W. J. EcclesThe History of New France According to Francis Parkman
176-195Alison Gilbert OlsonWilliam Penn, Parliament and Proprietary Government
196-210Norman K. Risjord1812: Conservatives, War Hawks and the Nation's Honor
211-235Nicholas VargaRobert Charles: New York Agent, 1748-1770
Notes and Documents
236-242Edmund S. MorganNew England Puritanism: Another Approach
243-250Winthrop D. Jordan The Influence of the West Indies on the Origins of New England Slavery
251-265Thomas W. Perry New Plymouth and Old England: A Suggestion
266-268 Trivia
1961, Vol. 18, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-34Sigmund DiamondAn Experiment in "Feudalism": French Canada in the Seventeenth Century
35-53Reginald HorsmanAmerican Indian Policy in the Old Northwest, 1783-1812
54-67Robert MiddlekauffA Persistent Tradition: The Classical Curriculum in Eighteenth-Century New England
68-84J. Philip GleasonA Scurrilous Colonial Election and Franklin's Reputation
Notes and Documents
85-121S. W. Jackman A Young Englishman Reports on the New Nation: Edward Thornton to James Bland Burges, 1791-1793
122-125 Trivia
1960, Vol. 17, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
439-462Milton M. KleinPrelude to Revolution in New York: Jury Trials and Judicial Tenure
463-472Howard H. PeckhamSpeculations on the Colonial Wars
473-485George L. RothVerse Satire on "Faction," 1790-1815
486-506Paul F. BollerGeorge Washington and Religious Liberty
Notes and Documents
507-515Kenneth ScottTory Associators of Portsmouth
516-530Jack P. GreeneMartin Bladen's Blueprint for a Colonial Union
531-532 Trivia
1960, Vol. 17, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
291-313John J. ZimmermanBenjamin Franklin and the Quaker Party, 1755-1756
314-328Louis Leonard Tucker The Church of England and Religious Liberty at Pre-Revolutionary Yale
329-340Charles H. Bohner"As Much History As...Invention": John P. Kennedy's Rob of the Bowl
341-345Alexander DeCondeGrowing Pains of the New Republic: I, A Time for Candor and a Time for Tact
345-349George L. Montagno Growing Pains of the New Republic: II, Congressional Cakewalk
349-357Joel Larus Growing Pains of the New Republic: III, Pell-Mell Along the Potomac
Notes and Documents
358-370Michael G. Hall Some Letters of Benedict Leonard Calvert
371-394Deuel Pead and Richard Beale Davis A Sermon Preached at James City in Virginia the 23rd of April 1686, Before the Loyal Society of Citizens Born in and about London and Inhabiting in Virginia
395-397 Trivia
1960, Vol. 17, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
143-163Kathryn Turner The Appointment of Chief Justice Marshall
164-182Darrett B. RutmanThe Pilgrims and Their Harbor
183-199E. R. R. GreenQueensborough Township: Scotch-Irish Emigration and the Expansion of Georgia, 1763-1776
200-218Elisa P. DouglassGerman Intellectuals and the American Revolution
Notes and Documents
219-241William O'Brien Did the Jennison Case Outlaw Slavery in Massachusetts?
242-246Hugh C. Bailey and Bernerd C. WeberA British Reaction to the Treaty of San Ildefonso
247-248 Trivia
1960, Vol. 17, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-21Bradley ChapinColonial and Revolutionary Origins of the American Law of Treason
22-34Alison Gilbert OlsonThe British Government and Colonial Union, 1754
35-50Leonard W. LevyDid the Zenger Case Really Matter? Freedom of the Press in Colonial New York
51-77Page SmithDavid Ramsay and the Causes of the American Revolution
Notes and Documents
78-85Jacob E. CookeAlexander Hamilton's Authorship of the "Caesar" Letters
86-102Jackson T. MainCharles A. Beard and the Constitution: A Critical Review of Forrest McDonald's We the People
102-110Forrest McDonaldCharles A. Beard and the Constitution: Forrest McDonald's Rebuttal
111-114 Trivia
1959, Vol. 16, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
459-484David S. LovejoyRights Imply Equality: The Case Against Admiralty Jurisdiction in America, 1764-1776
485-506Jack P. GreeneFoundations of Political Power in the Virginia House of Burgesses, 1720-1776
507-514Allen S. Johnson The Passage of the Sugar Act
515-550Julian P. BoydSilas Deane: Death by a Kindly Teacher of Treason?
Notes and Documents
551-555David B. QuinnNotes by a Pious Colonial Investor, 1608-1610
556-567Richard M. JellisonAntecedents of the South Carolina Currency Acts of 1736 and 1746
568-580Roy N. LokkenThe Concept of Democracy in Colonial Political Thought
581-584 Trivia
1959, Vol. 16, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
293-318E. James Ferguson Business, Government, and Congressional Investigation in the Revolution
319-342Julian P. Boyd Silas Deane: Death by a Kindly Teacher of Treason?
343-362Vincent Buranelli Colonial Philosophy
Notes and Documents
363-375Mack E. Thompson The Ward-Hopkins Controversy and the American Revolution in Rhode Island: An Interpretation
376-413Durand Echeverria The American Character: A Frenchman Views the New Republic from Philadelphia, 1777
414-417 Trivia
1959, Vol. 16, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
163-164Lawrence W. Towner Dedication
165-187Julian P. Boyd Silas Deane: Death by a Kindly Teacher of Treason?
188-197Leonard W. Labaree In Search of "B. Franklin"
198-206Samuel Eliot Morison The Willie Jones-John Paul Jones Tradition
207-213Earl G. Swem The Lee Free School and the College of William and Mary
214-227Louis B. Wright Intellectual History and the Colonial South
Notes and Documents
228-243Stanley PargellisAn Account of the Indians in Virginia
244-248Thomas Jefferson WertenbakerRichard Lawrence: A Sketch
249-251 Trivia
1959, Vol. 16, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-26Frederick Wyatt and William B. Willcox Sir Henry Clinton: A Psychological Exploration in History
27-36Edwin C. Rozwenc Captain John Smith's Image of America
37-60Keach Johnson The Baltimore Company Seeks English Markets: A Study of the Anglo-American Iron Trade, 1731-1755
61-72Catherine Snell Crary The Tory and the Spy: The Double Life of James Rivington
Notes and Documents
73-82Alexander S. Balinky Gallatin's Theory of War Finance
83-118John H. Reinoehl Some Remarks on the American Trade: Jacob Crowninshield to James Madison 1806
119-120 Trivia
1958, Vol. 15, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
419-437William Appleman Williams The Age of Mercantilism: An Interpretation of the American Political Economy, 1763 to 1828
438-451Irving Brant Joel Barlow, Madison's Stubborn Minister
452-466Philip S. Haffenden The Crown and the Colonial Charters, 1675-1688: Part II
467-482James H. SoltowThe Role of Williamsburg in the Virginia Economy, 1750-1775
Notes and Documents
483-493Dawson A. PhelpsThe Vaudreuil Expedition, 1752
494-507Benjamin QuarlesLord Dunmore as Liberator
508-520John A. Schutz Succession Politics in Massachusetts, 1730-1741
521-523 Trivia
1958, Vol. 15, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
297-311Philip S. Haffenden The Crown and the Colonial Charters, 1675-1688: Part I
312-333David H. Fowler Connecticut's Freemen: The First Forty Years
334-358Milton M. Klein The Rise of the New York Bar: The Legal Career of William Livingston
Notes and Documents
359-364Samuel Eliot Morison New Light Wanted on the Old Colony
365-372Brooke Hindle Witherspoon, Rittenhouse, and Sir Isaac Newton
373-375 Trivia
1958, Vol. 15, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
143-167George R. Healy The French Jesuits and the Idea of the Noble Savage
168-190Trevor R. Reese Georgia in Anglo-Spanish Diplomacy, 1736-1739
191-200B. D. Bargar Lord Dartmouth's Patronage, 1772-1775
201-213Lowell H. HarrisonA Virginian Moves to Kentucky, 1793
Notes and Documents
214-227Verner W. CraneFranklin's "The Internal State of America" (1786)
228-252Klaus G. Loewald, Beverly Starika, Paul S. Taylor and Johann Martin BolziusJohann Martin Bolzius Answers a Questionnaire on Carolina and Georgia: Part II
253-256 Trivia
1958, Vol. 15, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-13Julian P. Boyd A New Guide to the Indispensable Sources of Virginia History
14-34P. T. Underdown Henry Cruger and Edmund Burke: Colleagues and Rivals at the Bristol Election of 1774
35-55Malcolm Freiberg Thomas Hutchinson: The First Fifty Years (1711-1761)
56-70H. Trevor Colbourn Thomas Jefferson's Use of the Past
Notes and Documents
71-73John Cannon Henry McCulloch and Henry McCulloh
74-92William O'Brien and William CushingJustice Cushing's Undelivered Speech on the Federal Constitution
93-94 Trivia
1957, Vol. 14, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
477-493William Robert Taylor William Wirt and the Legend of the Old South
494-515Michael G. HallThe House of Lords, Edward Randolph, and the Navigation Act of 1696
516-535Jack M. SosinLouisburg and the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle, 1748
536-559Glenn WeaverBenjamin Franklin and the Pennsylvania Germans
Notes and Documents
560-592J. R. Pole Suffrage and Representation in Massachusetts: A Statistical Note
593-597 Trivia
1957, Vol. 14, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
309-316A. L. Rowse Tudor Expansion: The Transition from Medieval to Modern History
317-343Harry Culverwell Porter Alexander Whitaker: Cambridge Apostle to Virginia
344-357John E. Pomfret The Apologia of Governor Lawrie of East New Jersey, 1686
358-369Philip L. Barbour Captain John Smith's Route through Turkey and Russia
370-402Peter Laslett John Locke, the Great Recoinage, and the Origins of the Board of Trade: 1695-1698
Notes and Documents
403-413Wilcomb E. WashburnSir William Berkeley's "A History of Our Miseries"
414-417Edmund S. MorganJohn White and the Sarsaparilla
418-428William A. ReavisThe Maryland Gentry and Social Mobility, 1637-1676
429-431 Trivia
1957, Vol. 14, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
125-153Jacob M. Price The French Farmers-General in the Chesapeake: The MacKercher-Huber Mission of 1737-1738
154-175Robert C. Pugh The Revolutionary Militia in the Southern Campaign, 1780-1781
176-195Catherine Snell CraryThe American Dream: John Tabor Kempe's Rise from Poverty to Riches
196-217Lawrence S. KaplanJefferson, the Napoleonic Wars, and the Balance of Power
Notes and Documents
218-222Klaus G. Loewald, Beverly Starika and Paul S. TaylorJohann Martin Bolzius Answers a Questionnaire on Carolina and Georgia
223-261Johann Martin BolziusReliable Answer to Some Submitted Questions Concerning the Land Carolina
262-267 Trivia
1957, Vol. 14, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-15Edmund S. MorganThe American Revolution: Revisions in Need of Revising
16-30Mary Tolford WilsonAmelia Simmons Fills a Need: American Cookery, 1796
31-46Theodore ThayerThe Army Contractors for the Niagara Campaign, 1755-1756
47-65William W. AbbotThe Structure of Politics in Georgia: 1782-1789
Notes and Documents
66-69Jack P. GreeneLandon Carter and the Pistole Fee Dispute
70-73Noble E. Cunningham, Jr.Early Political Handbills in the United States
74-84Alfred Owen Aldridge Thomas Paine's Plan for a Descent on England
85-88 Trivia
1956, Vol. 13, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
459-475Brooke Hindle Cadwallader Colden's Extension of the Newtonian Principles
476-492Genevieve Miller Smallpox Inoculation in England and America: A Reappraisal
493-498Denis I. Duveen and Herbert S. Klickstein The "American" Edition of Lavoisier's L'art de fabriquer le salin et la potasse
499-518Harry Woolf British Preparations for Observing the Transit of Venus of 1761
Notes and Documents
519-550Whitfield J. Bell and Nicholas CollinNicholas Collin's Appeal to American Scientists
551-563William D. StahlmanAstrology in Colonial America: An Extended Query
564-568 Trivia
1956, Vol. 13, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
305-318Dawson A. Phelps The Tragic Death of Meriwether Lewis
319-341David D. Van Tassel Henry Barton Dawson: A Nineteenth-Century Revisionist
342-353Edwin WolfThe Romance of James Logan's Books
354-375Wilcomb E. WashburnThe Humble Petition of Sarah Drummond
Notes and Documents
376-393David L. Sterling American Prisoners of War in New York: A Report by Elias Boudinot
394-397Thomas P. Robinson and Lawrence H. LederGovernor Livingston and the "Sunshine Patriots"
398-400 Trivia
1956, Vol. 13, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
139-156Richard B. Morris The Confederation Period and the American Historian
157-168Vincent Buranelli The Myth of Anna Zenger
169-183Bradford Perkins Sir William Scott and the Essex
184-201Ruth A. McIntyreWilliam Sanderson: Elizabethan Financier of Discovery
Notes and Documents
202-254Samuel Eliot Morison and William ManningWilliam Manning's The Key of Libberty
255-257 Trivia
1956, Vol. 13, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-25Gerald S. Brown The Anglo-French Naval Crisis, 1778: A Study of Conflict in the North Cabinet
6-39B. D. Bargar Matthew Boulton and the Birmingham Petition of 1775
40-52Noble E. Cunningham John Beckley: An Early American Party Manager
53-67Alan Simpson How Democratic Was Roger Williams
68-86Richard S. Dunn John Winthrop, Jr., and the Narragansett Country
Notes and Documents
87-93Alexander Crosby Brown Autobiographical Sketch of the Formative Years of John Elgar, 1784-1858, Builder of America's First Iron Ship
94-96John M. Norris Benedict Arnold's Plan for Privateering, 1782
97-101 Trivia
1955, Vol. 12, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
513-542Julian P. Boyd The Murder of George Wythe
543-574W. Edwin Hemphill Examinations of George Wythe Swinney for Forgery and Murder: A Documentary Essay
575-580James H. BrewerNegro Property Owners in Seventeenth-Century Virginia
581-630Joseph CharlesThe Jay Treaty: The Origins of the American Party System
Notes and Documents
631-649Jack L. CrossJohn Marshall on the French Revolution and on American Politics
650-652 Trivia
1955, Vol. 12, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
375-398David S. LovejoyHenry Marchant and the Mistress of the World
399-409A. P. ThorntonThe Organization of the Slave Trade in the English West Indies, 1660-1685
410-446Joseph Charles Adams and Jefferson: The Origins of the American Party System
447-455W. Nelson Francis Hakluyt's Voyages: An Epic of Discovery
456-461Frederick B. Tolles New Approaches to Research in Early American History
Notes and Documents
462-471R. R. Palmer A Neglected Work: Otto Vossler on Jefferson and the Revolutionary Era
472-474Robert L. KahnAn Account of a Meeting with Benjamin Franklin at Passy on October 9, 1777: From George Forster's English Journal
475-480 Trivia
1955, Vol. 12, No. 2 — Alexander Hamilton: 1755-1804
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
187-198Harry MacNeill Bland and Virginia W. NorthcottThe Life Portraits of Alexander Hamilton
199-216Broadus Mitchell Hamilton's Quarrel with Washington, 1781
217-267Joseph CharlesHamilton and Washington: The Origins of the American Party System
268-281 Hamilton on the Louisiana Purchase: A Newly Identified Editorial from the New-York Evening Post
282-297 A Note on Certain of Hamilton's Pseudonyms
298-307 What Was Hamilton's "Favorite Song"?
308-329Douglass Adair and Marvin HarveyWas Alexander Hamilton a Christian Statesman?
330-338 Trivia
1955, Vol. 12, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-43Cecelia M. KenyonMen of Little Faith: The Anti-Federalists on the Nature of Representative Government
44-73Fred ShelleyEbenezer Hazard: America's First Historical Editor
74-95Ralph N. MillerAmerican Nationalism as a Theory of Nature
96-112Jackson T. MainSections and Politics in Virginia, 1781-1787
Notes and Documents
113-123E. R. R. Green The "Strange Humors" That Drove the Scotch-Irish to America, 1729
124-138Bernhard Fabian Jefferson's Notes on Virginia: The Genesis of Query xvii, The different religions received into that State?
139-141 Trivia
1954, Vol. 11, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
519-535Clinton RossiterThe Shaping of the American Tradition
536-550Harold C. SyrettPrivate Enterprise in New Amsterdam
551-565Richard S. DunnThe Trustees of Georgia and the House of Commons, 1732-1752
566-577Edwin S. GaustadSociety and the Great Awakening in New England
578-591Fleming H. JamesRichard Marsden, Wayward Clergyman
Notes and Documents
592-632Bradford Perkins A Diplomat's Wife in Philadelphia: Letters of Henrietta Liston, 1796-1800
633-636 Trivia
1954, Vol. 11, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
339-353Hugh F. RankinThe Naval Flag of the American Revolution
354-384Jackson T. MainThe One Hundred
385-401Joan de Lourdes LeonardElections in Colonial Pennsylvania
402-424Wilson SmithWilliam Paley's Theological Utilitarianism in America
425-433Jordan D. FioreJonathan Swift and the American Episcopate
Notes and Documents
434-440Jane CarsonThe First American Flag Hoisted in Old England
441-456Bruce T. McCullyCatastrophe in the Wilderness: New Light on the Canada Expedition of 1709
457Verner W. CraneA Franklin Footnote
458-461 Trivia
1954, Vol. 11, No. 2 — Scotland and America
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
163-178George Shepperson Writings in Scottish-American History: A Brief Survey
179-199Jacob M. Price The Rise of Glasgow in the Chesapeake Tobacco Trade, 1707-1775
200-213John Clive and Bernard Bailyn England's Cultural Provinces: Scotland and America
214-251Caroline Robbins "When It Is That Colonies May Turn Independent:" An Analysis of the Environment and Politics of Francis Hutcheson (1694-1746)
252-275Dalphy I. Fagerstrom Scottish Opinion and the American Revolution
Notes and Documents
276-289Whitfield J. Bell, Jr. Scottish Emigration to America: A Letter of Dr. Charles Nisbet to Dr. John Witherspoon, 1784
290-291 Trivia
1954, Vol. 11, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-27Felix Rackow The Right to Counsel: English and American Precedents
28-41K. R. Andrews Christopher Newport of Limehouse, Mariner
42-51Marshall Smelser George Washington Declines the Part of El Libertador
52-77Richard J. HookerThe American Revolution Seen through a Wine Glass
Notes and Documents
78-88Arthur M. SchlesingerA Note on Songs as Patriot Propaganda 1765-1776
89-92Zoltán HarasztiThe 32nd Discourse on Davila
93-97 Trivia
1953, Vol. 10, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
511-537M. D. GeorgeAmerica in English Satirical Prints
538-542Douglass AdairThe Stamp Act in Contemporary English Cartoons
543-559Charles R. RitchesonThe Preparation of the Stamp Act
560-578F. L. Engelman Cadwallader Colden and the New York Stamp Act Riots
Notes and Documents
579-583Samuel Miller A Sketch of the Revolutions and Improvements in Science, Arts, and Literature in America: Reprinted from Samuel Miller's "Brief Retrospect of the Eighteenth Century" (1803)
586  Nations Lately Become Literary
586-627 United States of America
628-632Hugh F. RankinTrivia
1953, Vol. 10, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
353-377Donald G. MorganThe Origin of Supreme Court Dissent
378-402Maud Macdonald HutchesonMercy Warren, 1728-1814
403-421Richard Dean Hathaway "Ye Scheme to Bagge Penne": A Forged Letter Smears Cotton Mather"
422-440Merton A. ChristensenFranklin on the Hemphill Trial: Deism Versus Presbyterian Orthodoxy
Notes and Documents
441-445James Napier Some Book Sales in Dumfries, Virginia, 1794-1796
446-449 Trivia
1953, Vol. 10, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
153-180E. James FergusonCurrency Finance: An Interpretation of Colonial Monetary Practices
181-189Elizabeth Bancroft SchlesingerCotton Mather and His Children
190-195Brandford SmithBiographer's Creed
Notes and Documents
196-236Evelyn M. AcombThe Journal of Baron Von Closen
237-240 Trivia
1953, Vol. 10, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-32Perry MillerErrand Into The Wilderness
33-79Clinton RossiterRichard Bland: The Whig in America
80-98Charles Grier SellersColonel Ezekiel Polk: Pioneer and Patriarch
Notes and Documents
99-107J. E. TylerAn Account of Lexington in the Rockingham Mss. at Sheffield
108-111Richard R. BornemanFranzoni and Andrei: Italian Sculptors in Baltimore, 1808
112-116 Trivia
1952, Vol. 9, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
483-496R. R. PalmerA Revolutionary Republican: M. A. B. Mangourit
497-511James Morton SmithThe Sedition Law, Free Speech, and the American Political Process
Notes and Documents
512-520V. CollotGeneral Collot's Plan for a Reconnaissance of the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys, 1796
521-531Douglass AdairRumbold's Dying Speech, 1685, and Jefferson's Last Words on Democracy, 1826
532-538William S. PowellJohn Pory on the Death of Sir Walter Raleigh
539-543 Trivia
1952, Vol. 9, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
291-316Charlotte Watkins SmithCarl Becker: The Historian as a Literary Craftsman
317-337Gerald S. BrownThe Court Martial of Lord George Sackville, Whipping Boy of the Revolutionary War
338-345W. Edwin HemphillGeorge Wythe Courts the Muses: In Which, to the Astonishment of Everyone, That Silent, Selfless Pedant Is Found to Have Had a Sense of Humor
Notes and Documents
346-393Douglass Adair and Devereux JarrattThe Autobiography of the Reverend Devereux Jarratt, 1732-1763
394-400 Trivia
1952, Vol. 9, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
139-151Harold LarsonAlexander Hamilton: The Fact and Fiction of His Early Years
152-155Elizabeth ComettiMaria Cosway's Rediscovered Miniature of Jefferson
156-165Lee Nathaniel Newcomer Yankee Rebels of Inland Massachusetts
166-190John A. MunroeNonresident Representation in the Continental Congress: The Delaware Delegation of 1782
Notes and Documents
191-214Dorothy Wollon and Margaret Kinard Sir Augustus J. Foster and "The Wild Natives of the Woods," 1805-1807
215-220 Trivia
1952, Vol. 9, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-9Arthur E. Bestor, Jr.The Study of American Civilization: Jingoism or Scholarship?
10-28Susanne K. ShermanThomas Wade West, Theatrical Impressario, 1790-1799
29-57Sidney KaplanVeteran Officers and Politics in Massachusetts, 1783-1787
58-66Charles Coleman SellersVirginia's Great Allegory of William Pitt
67-80George L. MossePuritanism and Reason of State in Old and New England
81-88 Trivia
1951, Vol. 8, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
483-492Samuel Eliot MorisonPrelude to Independence: The Virginia Resolutions of May 15, 1776
493-519John E. PomfretWest New Jersey: A Quaker Society 1675-1775
520-534Clement EatonA Mirror of the Southern Colonial Lawyer: The Fee Books of Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and Waightstill Avery
535-551Charles G. Sellers, Jr. Private Profits and British Colonial Policy: The Speculations of Henry McCulloh
Notes and Documents
552-560Charles H. Nichols, Jr. The Case of William Grimes, the Runaway Slave
561-565Rayford W. Logan Memoirs of a Monticello Slave
566-582Charles Campbell Life of Isaac Jefferson of Petersburg, Virginia, Blacksmith
583-585 Trivia
1951, Vol. 8, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
327-354Robert F. DurdenJoel Barlow in the French Revolution
355-377Elizabeth Wade White The Tenth Muse — A Tercentenary Appraisal of Anne Bradstreet
378-388Cyclone Covey Puritanism and Music in Colonial America
389-405Albert B. Southwick The Molasses Act — Source of Precedents
406-417John F. Roche Was Joseph Reed Disloyal?
418-421 Trivia
1951, Vol. 8, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
171-191Perry MillerThe End of the World
192-203L. H. ButterfieldThe Milliner's Mission in 1775; Or, The British Seize a Treasonable Letter from Dr. Benjamin Rush
204-213John S. PancakeAaron Burr: Would-Be Usurper
214-227Maurer MaurerMusic in Wachovia, 1753-1800
Notes and Documents
228-234Elizabeth ComettiInflation in Revolutionary Maryland
235-237Wilbur H. Hunter, Jr. The Battle of Baltimore Illustrated
238-245Marshall W. Fishwick The Portico and Literary Nationalism After the War of 1812
246-248 Trivia
1951, Vol. 8, No. 1 — James Madison, 1751-1836: Bicentennial Number
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-24Irving BrantMadison: On the Separation of Church and State
25-47Theodore BoltonThe Life Portraits of James Madison
48-67Douglass AdairThe Tenth Federalist Revisited
68-107Margaret Bailey TinkcomCaviar along the Potomac: Sir Augustus John Foster's "Notes on the United States," 1804-1812
108-119H. Trevor Colbourn Madison Eulogized
1950, Vol. 7, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
531-558Clinton RossiterThe Life and Mind of Jonathan Mayhew
559-567Alfred Owen AldridgeFranklin and the Ghostly Drummer of Tedworth
568-587Bernard BailynThe Apologia of Robert Keayne
Notes and Documents
588-591Leonard W. LabareeGeorge Whitefield Comes to Middletown
592-595 Trivia
1950, Vol. 7, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
353-392Edmund S. MorganThe Postponement of the Stamp Act
393-405Wilbur H. Hunter, Jr.Philip Tilyard
406-453Caroline RobbinsThe Strenuous Whig: Thomas Hollis of Lincoln's Inn
454-458 Trivia
1950, Vol. 7, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
179-198Irving BrantEdmund Randolph, Not Guilty!
199-222Oscar and Mary F. HandlinOrigins of the Southern Labor System
223-254Zoltán HarasztiJohn Adams Flays a Philosophe: Annotations on Condorcet's Progress of the Human Mind
255-269Aubrey C. Land Genesis of a Colonial Fortune: Daniel Dulany of Maryland
270-276 Trivia
1950, Vol. 7, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
1-25Frederick B. Tolles Unofficial Ambassador: George Logan's Mission to France, 1798
26-38Richard C. Haskett William Paterson, Attorney General of New Jersey: Public Office and Private Profit in the American Revolution
39-52Maurer Maurer The Library of a Colonial Musician, 1755
53-63William A. Bryan George Washington: Symbolic Guardian of the Republic, 1850-1861
64-94Jay C. Heinlein Albert Gallatin: A Pioneer in Public Administration
Notes and Documents
95-106Margaret KinardJohn Usher's Report on the Northern Colonies, 1698
107-115Richard L. MortonThe Reverend Hugh Jones: Lord Baltimore's Mathematician
116-119 Trivia
1949, Vol. 6, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
565-568Thomas Thorne America's Earliest Nude?
569-595Whitfield J. Bell, Jr. Thomas Parke, M. B., Physician and Friend
596-604Wilbur R. JacobsWampum: The Protocol of Indian Diplomacy
605-627Francis G. WalettThe Massachusetts Council, 1766-1774: The Transformation of a Conservative Institution
Notes and Documents
628-630George W. KyteThe Detention of General Collot: A Sidelight on Anglo-American Relations, 1798-1800
631-636William PedenA Book Peddler Invades Monticello
637-643Anna Wells Rutledge A Cosmopolitan in Carolina
644-648 Trivia
1949, Vol. 6, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
361-382Catherine Fennelly William Franklin of New Jersey
383-397Stella F. Duff The Case Against the King: The Virginia Gazettes Indict George III
398-415Warner F. Gookin Who was Bartholomew Gosnold?
416-436William H. SeilerLand Processioning in Colonial Virginia
Notes and Documents
437-503Courtlandt CanbyRobert Munford's "The Patriots"
504-508 Trivia
1949, Vol. 6, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
173-207Lucy Martin Donnelly The Celebrated Mrs. Macaulay
208-236David B. Quinn Preparations for the 1585 Virginia Voyage
237-250Richard P. McCormick New Jersey's First Congressional Election, 1789: A Case Study in Political Skulduggery
Notes and Documents
251-284Patricia Holbert MenkD. M. Erskine: Letters from America, 1798-1799
285-289 Trivia
1949, Vol. 6, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-23Elisha P. Douglass The Adventurer Bowles
24-41Perry Miller Religion and Society in the Early Literature: The Religious Impulse in the Founding of Virginia
42-68Francis L. Broderick Pulpit, Physics, and Politics: The Curriculum of the College of New Jersey, 1746-1794
69-83Norman H. Dawes Titles as Symbols of Prestige in Seventeenth-Century New England
Notes and Documents
84-89Howard C. Rice, Jr. A "New" Likeness of Thomas Jefferson
90-93Richard C. Haskett Princeton Before the Revolution: Notes on a Source
94-107William S. Powell A Connecticut Soldier Under Washington: Elisha Bostwick's Memoirs of the First Years of the Revolution
108-110 Trivia
1948, Vol. 5, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
467-491Charles O. Lerche, Jr. Jefferson and the Election of 1800: A Case Study in the Political Smear
492-522Perry Miller The Religious Impulse in the Founding of Virginia: Religion and Society in the Early Literature
523-546Peter Laslett Sir Robert Filmer: The Man versus the Whig Myth
547-552George Lee Haskins Court Records and History
Notes and Documents
553-570Margarete Woelfel Memoir's of a Hessian Conscript: J. G. Seumes Reluctant Voyage to America
571-575William D. Hoyt, Jr.A Contemporary View of the Acadian Arrival in Maryland, 1755
576-578 Trivia
1948, Vol. 5, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
311-341Edmund S. Morgan Colonial Ideas of Parliamentary Power 1764-1766
342-350Arthur Pierce Middleton The Strange Story of Job Ben Solomon
351-358 Good Newes from Virginia, 1623
359-374Robert H. LandThe First Williamsburg Theater
Notes and Documents
375-395Edward M. RileySt. George Tucker's Journal of the Siege of Yorktown, 1781
396-399 Trivia
1948, Vol. 5, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
145-176Adrienne Koch and Harry Ammon The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions: An Episode in Jefferson's and Madison's Defense of Civil Liberties
177-184William S. Powell Books in the Virginia Colony before 1624
185-200John Ezell The Lottery in Colonial America
201-216Alfred S. Martin The King's Customs: Philadelphia, 1763-1774
Notes and Documents
217-257Jay B. Hubbell and Douglass Adair Robert Munford's "The Candidates"
258-265Joseph Turkel and Malcolm FriebergTrivia
1948, Vol. 5, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-25Wallace Evan DaviesThe Society of the Cincinnati in New England 1783-1800
26-33L. H. Butterfield and Howard C. Rice, Jr.Jefferson's Earliest Note to Maria Cosway With Some New Facts and Conjectures on His Broken Wrist
34-51Anthony M. LewisJefferson's Summary View as a Chart of Political Union
52-76Alice M. BaldwinSowers of Sedition: The Political Theories of Some of the New Light Presbyterian Clergy of Virginia and North Carolina
Notes and Documents
77-94Jonathan SmithThe Depression of 1785 and Daniel Shays' Rebellion
95-105John E. PomfretThe Problem of the West Jersey Concessions of 1676/7
106-108 Trivia
1947, Vol. 4, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
409-445Arthur Pierce Middleton and Douglass AdairThe Mystery of the Horn Papers
446-469Philip A. CrowlAnti-Federalism in Maryland, 1787-1788
470-485Arthur Palmer HudsonSongs of the North Carolina Regulators
Notes and Documents
486-498Beverly McAnear The Albany Stamp Act Riots
499-504Oliver M. Dickerson Opinion of Attorney General Jonathan Sewall of Massachusetts in the Case of the Lydia
505-511Herbert L. GanterWilliam Small, Jefferson's Beloved Teacher
512-513William RobertsTrivia
1947, Vol. 4, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
267-296Caroline RobbinsAlgernon Sidney's Discourses Concerning Government: Textbook of Revolution
297-304Richard Beale DavisAmerica in George Sandy's "Ovid"
305-316Dora Mae ClarkBritish Opinion of Franco-American Relations, 1775-1795
317-331Lester J. CapponThe Blathwayt Papers of Colonial Williamsburg, Inc.
Notes and Documents
332-349Stuart C. ShermanLeman Thomas Rede's Bibliotheca Americana
350-355Antonio PaceAnother Letter of Carlo Bellini
356-358 Trivia
1947, Vol. 4, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
125-147Franklin Thayer Nichols The Organization of Braddock's Army
148-176Lewis Leary John Blair Linn, 1777-1805
177-191Susie M. Ames Law-in-Action: The Court Records of Virginia's Eastern Shore
192-202H. Clay ReedThe Court Records of the Delaware Valley
Notes and Documents
203-225Nathan SchachnerAlexander Hamilton Viewed by His Friends: The Narratives of Robert Troup and Hercules Mulligan
226-228 Trivia
1947, Vol. 4, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-26Oscar Handlin and Mary F. Handlin Revolutionary Economic Policy in Massachusetts
27-41Willie T. Weathers William Byrd: Satirist
42-59Chester E. Eisinger The Freehold Concept in Eighteenth-Century American Letters
60-69Frederick B. TollesBenjamin Franklin's Business Mentors: The Philadelphia Quaker Merchants
Notes and Documents
70-86Samuel Clyde McCullochJames Blair's Plan of 1699 to Reform the Clergy of Virginia
1946, Vol. 3, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
461-486Brooke HindleThe March of the Paxton Boys
487-498John Eliot AldenOut of the Ashes, a Young Phoenix: Early Americana in the Harvard College Library
499-514Manning C. VoorhisCrown Versus Council in the Virginia Land Policy
515-533Louis C. Schaedler James Madison, Literary Craftsman
Notes and Documents
534-568Elizabeth Fleet Madison's "Detatched Memoranda"
569-587Irving Brant Two Neglected Madison Letters
588-589Richard L. Morton An Editorial
1946, Vol. 3, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
319-342Randall StewartPuritan Literature and the Flowering of New England
343-369Sarah Pattee StetsonAmerican Garden Books Transplanted and Native, Before 1807
370-382Lester J. Cappon and Patricia Holbert MenkThe Evolution of Materials for Research in Early American History in the University of Virginia Library
383-397Arthur J. AlexanderDesertion and Its Punishment in Revolutionary Virginia
Notes and Documents
398-410Charles F. MullettMilitary Intelligence on Forts and Indians in the Ohio Valley, 1756-1757
1946, Vol. 3, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
151-181Carl Bridenbaugh Baths and Watering Places of Colonial America
182-207Arthur Pierce Middleton The Chesapeake Convoy System, 1662-1763
208-268Raymond Phineas Stearns Colonial Fellows of the Royal Society of London, 1661-1788
Notes and Documents
269-274Philip Marsh Madison's Defense of Freneau
275-280  From the American Daily Advertiser
281-291Marion Tinling Cawsons, Virginia, in 1795-1796
1946, Vol. 3, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
1-35John C. Ranney The Bases of American Federalism
36-47Curtis P. NettelsA Link in the Chain of Events Leading to American Independence
48-69William E. LingelbachThe Library of the American Philosophical Society
Notes and Documents
70-116Lester J. CapponCorrespondence Between Charles Campbell and Lyman C. Draper, 1846-1872
117-122Maurice W. Armstrong The Diary of Caleb Gannet for the Year 1776
1945, Vol. 2, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
333-348Samuel Clyde McCulloch Dr. Thomas Bray's Commissary Work in London, 1696-1699
349-358Marie KimballSome Genial Old Drinking Customs
359-396Donald Robert ComeThe Influence of Princeton on Higher Education in the South before 1825
397-401James T. BabbThe Yale University Library: Its Early American Collections
Notes and Documents
402-405William D. Hoyt, Jr.An Autobiographical Application for Employment, 1788
1945, Vol. 2, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
237-272Charles Warren Fourth of July Myths
273-285Sidney Forman The United States Military Philosophical Society, 1802-1813: Scientia in Bello Pax
286-295Ruth Lapham Butler For the Study of American Colonial History: The Newberry Library
296-314Calvin B. Coulter, Jr. The Import Trade of Colonial Virginia
Notes and Documents
315-320John Richard Alden John Stuart Accuses William Bull
1945, Vol. 2, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
113-153Herbert Moller Sex Composition and Correlated Culture Patterns of Colonial America
154-163R. E. Watters Biographical Technique in Cotton Mather's Magnalia
164-172Clifford K. Shipton The American Antiquarian Society
173-190Charles C. Wall Notes on the Early History of Mount Vernon
Notes and Documents
191-209Douglass Adair James Madison's Autobiography
210-212Francis B. Simkins Historical News
1945, Vol. 2, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-14Robert G. Walker Jonathan Boucher: Champion of the Minority
15-32Samuel Clyde McCulloch Dr. Thomas Bray's Trip to Maryland: A Study in Militant Anglican Humanitarianism
33-46W. Hubert Miller The Colonization of the Bahamas, 1647-1670
Notes and Documents
47-62Louis B. Wright William Byrd's Defense of Sir Edmund Andros
63-70Maude H. Woodfin The Missing Pages of William Byrd's Secret History of the Line
71-100Howard R. Marraro Unpublished Mazzei Letters to Jefferson
1944, Vol. 1, No. 4
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
331-352Leonard W. Labaree The Conservative Attitude Toward the Great Awakening
353-362Howard H. Peckham and Colton StormThe Clements Library
363-373Maude H. Woodfin Thomas Jefferson and William Byrd's Manuscript Histories of the Dividing Line
Documents and Notes
374-396Howard R. Marraro Unpublished Mazzei Letters to Jefferson
397-404Kathryn Trimmer Abbey The Intrigue of a British Refugee Against the Willing Raid, 1778
405-406Edna L. JacobsenNote on the New York State Library
1944, Vol. 1, No. 3
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
201-209Louis B. WrightFor the Study of the American Cultural Heritage
210-234Michael Kraus Literary Relations Between Europe and America in the Eighteenth Century
235-264Douglass Adair The Authorship of the Disputed Federalist Papers: Part II
Notes and Documents
265-272William Peden Some Notes Concerning Thomas Jefferson's Libraries
273-316Stanley Pargellis and Ruth Lapham ButlerDaniell Ellffryth's Guide to the Caribbean, 1631
1944, Vol. 1, No. 2
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
97-122Douglass Adair The Authorship of the Disputed Federalist Papers
123-137Charles McLean AndrewsOn the Preservation of Historical Manuscripts
138-160Felix GilbertThe English Background of American Isolationism in the Eighteenth Century
161-178Winifred J. LosseThe Foreign Trade of Virginia, 1789-1809
179-183John C. Pearson The Fish and Fisheries of Colonial Virginia

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1944, Vol. 1, No. 1
PagesAuthorArticle title (linked to J-Stor)
3-14Leonard W. Labaree Charles McLean Andrews: Historian, 1863-1943
15-26  Charles McLean Andrews: A Bibliography
27-48Charles McLean Andrews On the Writing of Colonial History
49-64Louis B. Wright Beverley's History... of Virginia (1705): A Neglected Classic
65-82Wesley Frank Craven Indian Policy in Early Virginia